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Dee Drenta

Dee Drenta is a well-known name in the movie and entertainment industry and a lady with many talents. Felicitated by the Addy Award for her work as a voice artist, she is also an actress, producer, and a remarkable live voice announcer. Having worked in innumerable successful projects worldwide, she is an extremely passionate artist and proves to be an asset to all the organizations she works for. Ms. Drenta has a great skill set and has showcased her talent in various films, television shows, commercials, and voice-overs. With decades of experience, she has provided her expertise in sales and marketing for over 40 projects in different industries.



With multifarious services and expertise to offer, Dee Drenta lacked a wide web presence that could reflect her skills and expansive portfolio in an enhanced and attractive manner. An eye-catching website was required to effectively portray her name as a brand and showcase the variety of services offered with relevant content like her impressive resume and work demos. Moreover, a well-designed web strategy was needed to make her excel among the competition.


Our team at Seahawk closely worked with Ms. Drenta to understand her idea and vision for the brand she wanted to create for herself. After thorough and detailed discussions with the client, we came up with a powerful web strategy to build an impactful website that could reflect her work and skillset effectively and offered a great user experience for the visitors and potential clients.

  • The team at Seahawk built an exceptional website on WordPress that perfectly demonstrated her work and experience in the entertainment industry.
  • Our team worked on the branding as specified by the client to make her stand out among the competitors. It was perfectly reflected in all the subpages and the homepage.
  • We created a different page to demonstrate her resume in an exciting way so that the visitors can conveniently find what they are looking for and show more interest in her work.
  • A contact form was attached to the website for potential clients and their work-related queries.
  • Various audio clips were included to the ‘Demo’ page and a separate page was added to show client testimonials.
  • We created an SEO friendly and well-optimized website that is easily discoverable by various search engines and loads faster.


The results were more than exceptional as we designed and developed a stellar website with pixel perfect functionalities. The site perfectly exemplified the client’s work and was successful to present her name as a brand. It looks amazing, is easy to navigate, and contains well-organized content that does an excellent job to attract new opportunities.

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