Banaaras specializes in offering authentic Indian Banarasi paans, luxurious assorted paans, mouth fresheners, digestive drinks, and delightful chuskis along with refreshing beverages. Banaaras has its paan carts placed across prominent locations and enjoys a varied target audience.

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Problem – Despite having a massive fan following, Banaaras was struggling with brand awareness and did not have an adequate social media and web presence. They needed a decisive solution to build their brand and promote their assortment of paans.

Solution – Seahawk media worked to highlight the client’s brand and offerings with the help of an intuitive and brilliant website and building a carefully strategized SEO and social media presence to build brand awareness and popularize its key offerings.

● We build a vibrant and interactive website to illustrate their business theme and key products.
● We invested in SEO activities to increase search engine rankings for the brand.
● Through marketing activities and social media marketing initiatives, we derived more exposure to Banaaras and its scrumptious menu.

● Social media marketing activities on Instagram and Facebook led to an increased number of followers and better brand awareness.
● Our intensive brand promotion efforts helped in increased followers and better customer engagement.