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Amit Kasliwal

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Amit Kasliwal is a new name in the field of motivational speaking and leadership coaching but has already taken the industry by storm! Being an INSEAD Alumnus, TEDx speaker and having worked for almost two decades for some of the most well-known brands like the Times group, Hero Moto Corp and Ford India as a senior team member, Mr. Kasliwal has trodden on some uncertain journeys to emerge victorious. The economic crisis of 2008 turned around his life as he took the INSEAD course and what followed was the amazing streak of empowered and motivating interactions that enabled him change paths and become a motivational speaker and a life coach!



With such a novel career and inspiring approach to life, Amit Kasliwal required an intuitive and enhanced looking web presence to present his vision and mission that aptly illustrates the theme of the services offered. Moreover, the brand required a powerful social media strategy that would help it thrive amidst the social media circles and excel among the likes of fellow motivational speakers and coaches.


At Seahawk Media our web development team and project management worked in tandem and in close quarters with Mr. Kasliwal to understand his vision and the scope he has planned for his brand. Our team worked closely with the client to finalize the logo that best represents the brand and carries the legacy forward even in the future. We created an impactful WordPress website that perfectly represented the client’s thought and made it interesting enough to invite readers to visit and check out the services offered.

  • We started off by placing the brand – Amit Kasliwal in the social media circles to promote the line of business and initiatives.
  • We kicked off content operations on the website with the help of blog posts and emailer that reflected the inspiring vision of the client and properly illustrated the coaching courses and its details.
  • Through our design process and social media initiatives, we ensured that the client gained a firm footing amidst the social media platforms.
  • We also worked on branding efforts for the Anant Mentoring program to promote and increase subscriber base.


With sufficient discussions and brainstorming with the client, we created a great looking WordPress website that contained clear content and easy navigation. The theme of the website rightly depicts the client’s work and enlists enough details to attract new leads.

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