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WordPress Development In London: Seahawk Expands Into The UK

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Written By: author image Komal Bothra
author image Komal Bothra
WordPress Development In London Seahawk Expands Into The UK

A monumental new chapter of the Seahawk Media story is beginning with our latest expansion into the UK. Our new international headquarters will be opening soon in London’s trendy Notting Hill neighborhood. We believe this new office will be a crucial factor in expanding our client base within the UK, Europe, and beyond. Our goal is to become the go-to digital marketing agency for WordPress development in London. 

We’re proud to announce this new international expansion, especially two years after opening our first overseas office in Gurugram, India. Seahawk Media has come a long way since its start-up days in 2015.

Although we’ve previously worked with a wide range of international clients, our new London office officially makes us a multinational agency. It will accompany our other offices in India and the USA, including our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.  

Why London? 

England’s capital was the next logical choice for Seahawk’s global expansion. As one of Europe’s biggest cities, London has always been an economic powerhouse. It’s a hub for many industries, including IT, logistics, transport, media, fashion, tourism, and fine dining. London is the place to be for the modern UK entrepreneur. 

The Newest SEO Company in London

Seahawk’s London HQ will be headed by our COO Gautam initially, and he will be looking out for talent across various verticals come 2022. A self-proclaimed anglophile, Gautam is excited about relocating to the UK.

During his time at Seahawk, the compulsive workaholic has become an expert at juggling clients from multiple time zones. He was the perfect candidate for this exciting new venture. 

Gautam has been with the company since 2019, after Seahawk’s successful partnership with GoDaddy and acquisition of Sitecook, a leading GoDaddy partner company in India. This partnership would forever change Seahawk as a company, bringing Gautam and CEO Ryan James together.

Before 2019 Gautam had been running Sitecook. Gautam joined the Seahawk family as an official co-founder after the acquisition. We’re sure that under Gautam’s talented wing, Seahawk Media will quickly become a reputable WordPress development and SEO company in London. 

Why Customers Love Us?

Since its inception in 2015, Seahawk Media has flourished as an industry leader in the WordPress development and SEO game. We’ve worked with thousands of customers from across the globe, offering high-quality marketing services for a broad range of customers. We’ve worked with internationally recognized names like GoDaddy and IHOP, as well as up-and-coming independent brands.

Our diverse client base range from upscale restaurants and vegan skincare brands to forex trading platforms and property groups. Seahawk Media is always highly reviewed on platforms like Trustpilot and Clutch. 

Customers keep on coming back for our unparalleled level of service and revolutionary prices. They know that we don’t just do a job; we master it. Over the years, we’ve developed a groundbreaking model that allows us to meet client needs without sacrificing quality or dedication efficiently. Knowing the industry inside and out will enable us to recognize the challenges that come with digital marketing.

At Seahawk Media, we always go above and beyond to execute projects quickly and cost-effectively. We strive to provide the highest level of excellence possible within your budget. 

WordPress Development in London

WordPress development has always been the core foundation of our brand. When Seahawk Media was born in 2015, WordPress encompassed over a third of all websites, and now it’s roughly 50% of the web. The company’s CEO, Ryan James, saw a promising opportunity by focusing his digital marketing efforts on WordPress development. Current statistics share that WordPress powers a whopping 455 million websites in 2021. Although high-level WordPress implementation will always be a key focus for Seahawk, we also provide custom-oriented marketing services and assistance with SEO optimization. 

We believe that WordPress development should be the main focus of all marketing efforts. Building a WordPress site is one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a website that will truly capture the essence of your brand.

WordPress is powerful as an open-source platform, but it can be hard to navigate for users who don’t have a background in digital media. Seahawk Media is here to help you navigate the complexities of the platform while creating progress for your brand.

Allow us to take over the technical side of things while you focus on the product. We’ve already established ourselves in the USA and India, and now we’re ready to prove that we’re a cutting-edge SEO company in London. 

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Our WordPress development services are always created with a strategy in mind. Using our knowledge, research, and technical prowess, we have a system to create a fully functional WordPress website faster than our competitors.

All of our processes are designed with purpose and have undergone rigorous evaluation and testing. We can produce high-quality, custom work at any scale. Regardless of your business’s level, we’ll identify opportunities to increase revenue and power backend operations. 

We have a unique advantage as a company that has undergone exponential growth in a relatively short amount of time. We’re able to work with companies and brands of all sizes effectively. Seahawk began as a university side hustle and has flourished into a multinational agency, so we know exactly how small, medium, and large businesses operate.

We’re able to leverage our experience in WordPress, web design, SEO, and social media to help you grow your brand online. We’re also open to partnerships that assist big web hosts, agencies, and marketing companies. 

Whether you’re ready to take your small business to the next level or you work for a company with thousands of employees, Seahawk Media is here to help UK businesses harness the power of WordPress. 

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