FAQ My Site Was Hacked

Suffering a hack can be a nightmare for any website owner. It can lead to lost revenue, damage to your reputation, and even legal troubles. It’s important to take a pragmatic approach when dealing with a hack, so you can maintain your sanity and minimize the impact of the attack.

The term “hack” is ambiguous and can refer to a wide range of security breaches. To get the help you need, it’s important to understand the specific symptoms that led you to believe your website has been hacked. These are known as Indicators of Compromise (IoC). Some clear indicators of a hack include blacklisting by search engines, a disabled website, distribution of malware, complaints from readers about antivirus alerts, reports of your website being used to attack others, unauthorized behavior, and visible evidence of a hack when opening your website in a browser.

By understanding these symptoms, you can reach out to the right resources for help, such as security experts or online forums. Taking immediate action is crucial to prevent further damage and protect your website and your users. By addressing the issue quickly and methodically, you can move beyond the hack and get back to running your website with minimal impact.

Help, I think I’ve been hacked

If you feel that your site has been hacked, here are some signs to look out for:

If you notice any of these signs, taking action immediately is important.

Some steps to take:

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