Gated Content


Online documents such as white papers, articles, and videos are examples of gated content. To access these types of resources, consumers must complete a form. The user has to provide their name and email address to submit the form, or it may request other information, most often on their employment and organizations. Information gates or registration barriers are two names sometimes used to refer to the form pages.

What is gated content?

Because of their effectiveness as a technique for generating leads, gates are an essential component of content marketing. But, restricting access to your material may not always be the most effective tactic for increasing the number of people who read your ebook or report, for instance.

Ungated content is material that users may access without filling out any forms or providing information about themselves. Blogs, infographics, videos, and case studies are all examples of common types of material that are not restricted.

Because it reduces barriers to accessing vital information, content that does not need a gate may increase a prospect’s confidence level in your company. But, the generation of leads might suffer if you do not take advantage of contact capture, even though unrestricted access to material can boost the number of times it is seen on a website.

How to use gated content?

The generation of leads, which is necessary for the expansion of your company, is dependent on the use of content gating. But, unrestricted access to your material is essential to expanding your brand’s exposure and gaining consumers’ confidence. 

In the early stages of the marketing funnel, restricting access to content might frighten potential customers who could enjoy your company’s services. But, you may improve your brand’s exposure at the top of the marketing funnel by delaying the usage of gates until later. It will not affect the number of leads generated in the middle or bottom of the funnel.

The advantages of gated content

Find the best possible leads

It can seem contradictory to make access to your material more difficult, but those who join to get it are often more than casual site visitors.

They have a goal in mind, and the information you provide will assist them in accomplishing it.

You can target specific segments of your audience

When someone accesses your material behind a gate, you can request extra information from them, such as their job titles, goals, business sizes, etc.

It may help you better understand who is on your email list, allowing you to target various consumer groups more with follow-up emails or phone calls.

Grow a mailing list

The expansion of a mailing list is one of the most persuasive arguments that can be made for gating any information.

Email marketing initiatives are more effective when sent to an engaged audience.

Direct the attention of your audience in the direction they should go.

There should be no confusion about requesting and obtaining an email address counts as a conversion.

You know you’re getting closer to someone when they feel comfortable enough with you to entrust you with one of their possessions.

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