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What Is Chrome UX Report?

A dataset of user experience data on millions of websites is available for the public to explore and is formally called the Chrome UX Report. The CrUX data is different from lab data in that it is collected from both opted-in users in the field and not from lab data. 

Also included in the dataset are qualitative dimensions of the user experience, including the device and connection type, which allows drill-down to similar technologies within user experiences.

CrUX Report

To help Google Search determine the page experience ranking factor, the company collects and analyzes the data collected by CrUX, which is publicly available through various tools. You can query the CrUX datasets with either Catchpoint or WebPageTest, and you can build your custom reporting, benchmarks, and alerts based on the datasets in both solutions.

Three metrics are mainly examined in the CrUX dataset: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay (FID). In addition, TTFB/Wait time (TTFB/Work) and First Contentful Paint (FCP) metrics are also included in the dataset as diagnostic metrics.

Using the CrUX datasets, web developers, performance engineers, and enthusiasts can compare their real-world user experiences against their main competitors and with industry standards.

A Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) provides information about the performance of websites based on data collected from users using the Chrome browser. Chrome tracks key metrics to show how long a website takes for users who enable usage statistics reporting and sync their browser history across devices.

Data collected via this service is anonymized, but you can see a breakdown of countries, devices, and internet connections. By doing this, you will better understand your website’s speed and the Core Web Vitals and assist in diagnosing any potential problems with these symptoms.

How to use chrome user experience report?

A total of four primary ways are available to extract insights from the Chrome UX Report, the complexity of each method varies. It would be best if you used the CrUX Dashboard and PageSpeed Insights to have a quick and easy analysis of website performance. It also provides an API that can be incorporated into other applications to link high-level data with the API.

CrUX Dashboard 

The CrUX Dashboard is a data visualization tool built on Data Studio that allows you to customize data visualization based on historical website performance data. A SQL query is handled for you under the hood as the data is sourced from the BigQuery dataset. 

Final Words

We discussed in this article the methods and tools used in collecting data for the CrUX Report, the metrics gathered, the segmentation options, and other options that may be available, as well as the best CrUX reporting tools in this article.

To improve your search engine rankings, debug your performance issues, and provide a better user experience, you can use Chrome’s Chrome User Experience Report to gain more insight into the performance of your own and your competitor’s websites.

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