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Seahawk Social Philosophy

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Written By: author image Komal Bothra
author image Komal Bothra
Seahawk Social Philosophy

We are living in a world full of Pac-man’s devouring (scrolling really) information left, right, and center via a whole array of social media platforms available to us.

Through this ocean of overwhelming information that is constantly served, do you know what will stand out?

Let’s get you some quick insights into our Seahawk Social Philosophy!

Our Philosophy No.1: What Matters is Knowing Your Audience and Acting Accordingly

You will find ample advice on what can make your social strategy click, which is apparently based on the statistics and data collected from various social media platforms. We tried it and came to the conclusion that it’s just not that easy to find a short-cut to social success.

For example, if you post on below mentioned day and time which is optimal timing to post on Instagram you think you might get more engagement.

Monday: 6am, 10am, and 10pm

Here are a few questions that you need answers to:

  • What time-zone is your target audience in?
  • What do you prefer? Post, carousel, story, reel or IGTV
  • What kind of audience are you targeting? Working 9-5 jobs, at home moms, students, etc.

And just imagine if everyone started following these guidelines strictly, we would be bombarded with posts published at the same time!

Our Philosophy No.2: Don’t Follow Posting Trends Mindlessly

Let’s talk about getting the posting styles now. Grids had become a huge trend a while ago and even now a lot of people use grids to cut up posts or maintain a certain type of template. Now it may make you happy to look at when you open your page and view it but as a follower? Imagine getting 6-9 posts in your feed that honestly do not individually even make sense, hardly encourages anyone to go to your page (unless to unfollow maybe? We said it).

Grids, carousels, interactive stories, going live, posting twice/thrice a day etc, these are trends that will only benefit you if you truly mindfully use them to your advantage.

Our Philosophy No.3: Stick to Your Brand Language

Studies have proven that using a signature colour and style can cause an 80% increase in the recollection of your brand.

For instance, red and white instantly brings to mind Netflix. White and green is an instant connection to Starbucks. You know where we are heading with this one.

Define your colours, style of illustrations, use of graphics & fonts before you actually start posting content. It truly pays off in the long run!

Our Philosophy No.4: Adding Value Through Each Post With a Purpose

Make sure you are adding some value through each and every post to your followers. This can be done in several ways, below are a few:

  • You are entertaining them.
  • You are providing valuable industry-specific insights.
  • You are keeping them abreast with trends, news, etc.
  • You are inspiring them with motivational content etc.

Define your purpose of being here and you shall be validated with an organic genuine following.

Our Philosophy No.5: Be Consistent and Patient

It really is as simple as it sounds, be consistent with your content and you shall see a steady growth in your engagement. Don’t lose heart if you immediately don’t get enough likes or follows to your satisfaction because just by being consistent and purposeful you shall figure out what works for your audience. Patience is the key factor here.

Our Philosophy No.6: Categorizing Posts Into Pillars

This is a great way of making sure your business strategy is executed flawlessly via all social media channels. Let’s say you post 30 creatives on Instagram in a month and you own a business of artisanal chocolates. In this case your pillars would be:

  • Ingredients – 5 posts
  • Benefits / USP – 8 posts
  • Branding / Storytelling – 6 posts
  • CTA – 4 post
  • Offers – 2 posts
  • Trends / Memes – 5 posts

Now you can easily divide the number of posts and categorize your posts within each pillar according to your brand. In this way, you know that the content ratio is aligned with your strategy. Go ahead and create your own pillars now.

We would love to know if you implement any of the above tips to your social media strategies. Hope our article helped you, thank you for reading!

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