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Seahawk Acquires Sitecook In India

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Seahawk is expanding its team focused on professional web services for brands around the world with the acquisition of Sitecook. Sitecook CEO, Gautam Khorana, tells us that Sitecook will not be shut down in the immediate future and will slowly transition customers to Seahawk India. This acquisition will allow Seahawk to expand its global presence, services, and talent.

Gurgaon, New Delhi based Sitecook, a top GoDaddy Pro agency, didn’t raise any capital. They have been bootstrapped from day one. Seahawk declines to share deal terms. Seahawk India will serve as a primary professional services fulfillment hub for all subsidiaries under the Seahawk banner.

Sitecook, for those unfamiliar, is one of many professional web services agencies in India. Their processes around GoDaddy Pro and executive leadership make make them a unique fit for the Seahawk brand. Here is a tweet from Managing Director of GoDaddy India:

Nikhil Arora, Managing Director of GoDaddy India, tweets on Sitecook
Nikhil Arora is proud to support business like Sitecook on their growth journey.

The article also touches on GoDaddy Pro India. Sitecook CEO, Khorana, says it grew its customer base to over 250 in over 3 years and established themselves as a top GoDaddy Pro partner in India. Most of their clients include small businesses, especially hotels, travel, and restaurants.

Khorana will remain in India to scale up operations for Seahawk India and will also come on to serve as COO of the parent company to assist with global expansion. The flagship company, Seahawk, is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. This acquihire puts the Seahawk team size around 30 people between all majority owned subsidiaries says Ryan James Founder of Seahawk. He notes that Seahawk has become the leader in professional web services for brands of all sizes and powers some of the biggest names in marketing and web hosting.

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