Using Images In WordPress

Working with Images

In WordPress, adding images is a simple task. All your images are stored and managed in the Media Library, and there are various ways to access them. The most common method is adding an image directly to a post or page, automatically saving it in the Media Library, and displaying it in the desired location. Alternatively, you can upload images directly to the Media Library using either the multi-file or single-file loader.

Adding Images Through Pages/Posts

You can easily add an image by clicking the “Add Media” button above the editor box when writing or editing a post. This opens a window with the multi-file uploader, allowing you to drag and drop your image or select it from your file system. Any images added through this process will be automatically saved to the Media Library.


WordPress can resize images and create thumbnails.

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Special Contents Using Images

Images play a vital role in creating visually appealing content. With WordPress, you can utilize images to enhance unique content elements and create engaging experiences for your readers.
Managing and incorporating images into your WordPress website is straightforward and provides endless possibilities for creating captivating visual content.

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