How To White-Label WordPress In 2023?

How To White-Label WordPress?

White-label WordPress simply means removing WordPress branding and replacing it with your or your client’s branding. 

For example, according to your business aesthetics, you can decorate different pages and areas of your WordPress website, from the login page to the dashboard to your logo. You will still be using WordPress with all its features and utility, but now it will appear in your name.

Benefits of White-Label WordPress 

White-label WordPress gives access to hyper-personalization for your clients, making it professional & user-friendly for them. It is a high revenue & low expenditure practice that saves time & money. 

It also helps you create a consistent brand identity across a site’s front, and back ends. As mentioned above, users will see your brand’s logo instead of WordPress’s default one.

Clients don’t want to struggle with themes, plugins, updates, security, and learning how to use WordPress. White-label WordPress also helps impress clients with your WordPress skills and build your professional reputation. 

How to White-Label WordPress In 3 Different Ways?

You have a few options for white-label WordPress; you can manually change the PHP files & inserting codes in the places wherever your website needs a new identity.

Apart from that, many plugins are also available for white-label customization.

1. Using Plugins

White-Label CMS Plugin

White-Label CMS Plugin

The best way to white-label your site’s admin area is using the White Label CMS plugin. This plugin offers an easy setup to get started. 

Step 1: Go to plugins; in the search bar, type White Label CMS plugin & click install. After the installation is complete, click Activate. 

Step 2: Once the plugin is activated, go to Settings > White Label CMS dashboard to configure the plugin settings.

Step 3: You can add a developer URL, footer text, and RSS feed. After adding these details, click on ‘Next.’

Step 4: You can customize it further by adding your client’s business name & logo. Once you’re done, click on ‘Save.’

In this plugin, you can customize further under five options: 

Learn More: Best WordPress White Label Plugins 2022

Customizing Menu Items or Widgets

At times, the client isn’t technically aware of certain things. In this case, seeing too many options in the dashboard can be pretty intimidating. 

You can permanently remove unnecessary menu items or widgets in the dashboard to create a personalized experience for your client. 

A simple way to edit your dashboard is to use a plugin called ‘Ultimate Dashboard.’ This plugin can easily customize the menu items or widgets according to your client’s business requirements. 

ultimate dashboard
Ultimate Dashboard

You can also redesign the dashboard’s aesthetics with the Slate plugin.

Some other WordPress plugins you can use for White-Label WordPress:
AG Custom Admin
White Label WordPress Plugin – WpAlter
Admin Menu Editor

If you want to make sure that clients don’t see any edit files, open wp-config.php, and add:

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true ); 

and hit save. 

2. Manually White-Label WordPress

Manually white-labeling WordPress means editing your installation’s functions.php file. In this method, you can control every aspect of the changes you wish to make. For example, if you just want to change the logo, you can do that. 

Even though this can look cool, doing this without expertise can cause damage to the website. 

How to Whitelabel WordPress
How to White-Label WordPress

How to Edit Functions.php File?

Before you edit the functions.php file, make sure you take a backup of your website & files to prevent any data loss. 

To edit functions.php files, you can either do it from CPanel‘s file manager or a WordPress plugin like WP File Manager. 

You can also find your functions.php file in your /public_html/ directory.

Manually White-Label the WordPress Login Page

The login screen is the first impression of your professionalism, as it is the first thing your clients see. 

Start by changing the login URL to a customized one per your client. 

Next, you can step to change the default WordPress logo with your client’s branding. 

An easy way to do this is with the plugin Custom Login Page Customizer by LoginPress. With the help of this plugin, you can change the URL, background color, logo, etc., to give your clients a customized effect as per their business. 

3. Take Help From Professional Exports for WordPress White-Label 

Seahawk has a dedicated team of WordPress designers & developers providing the best white-label WordPress development service for your clients on your behalf. Contact us now to get started with your next WordPress project!

Looking for Professional White-label agency?

White Label WordPress can add a touch of personalization & professionalism together with good customization for your clients. In this blog, we discussed the best 4 & easy ways to white-label WordPress. 

Are you looking for white-label WordPress services? You are at the right place! As an industry leader in WordPress white label services, Seahawk also offers businesses white-label services to help them expand their business. 

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