Footer in WordPress

You’ll see  WordPress-branded material that says “Proudly powered by WordPress” at the bottom of your web pages after installing WordPress. This is the default text that shows in the footer of all newly created WordPress websites.

What is a Footer in WordPress?

The footer is the area of your WordPress website that follows the main content at the bottom of each page. It has a copyright that says, “Proudly powered by WordPress,” by default. Typically, the footer.php template file specifies the WordPress footer.

The default wording may appear unprofessional and even inappropriate to your visitors. Therefore, it makes sense for your WordPress website not to provide a default footer. Knowing that you can edit or remove it to your specifications will give you peace of mind if you decide to include additional essential branding elements, such as your logo, a copyright notice, or a link to your privacy statement.

How to Remove the Footer in WordPress?

The simplest way is to use a plugin if all you want to do is altogether remove the footer.

WordPress plugins increase your site’s functionality. When you want to make significant or modest modifications to your website, it’s a simple answer. Additionally, no coding knowledge is necessary. To use a plugin to alter your footer, follow the instructions below.

1. Installing and turning on the Remove Footer Credit plugin.

2. Select Remove Footer Credit under Tools.

3. Fill out the first text field with the text or HTML you want to delete. Then include your own footer text to the second text field.

Press “Save”

Continue reading for more information on modifying the standard branded footer if the abovementioned option doesn’t work for you or if you want to make more complex adjustments.

Using Customize to Add a Footer

There are only a few methods to access the Customize option where you may modify the theme. You must sign in as an Administrator to make changes. Log in to the Administrator first. You may click on your site’s domain name in the top left corner to access the Customize option, which can also be found in the Appearance part of the main menu. The website will display a ” Customize ” link in the top left corner. 

  • Click Customize to continue.
  • Select Widgets from the menu.
  • Select the Footer by clicking on it. Two footers are pre-installed with the Twenty Twenty theme.
  • Select “Add a Footer” from the menu.

You’ll get the widget you wish to utilize for your footer should be chosen. The ‘Text’ widget is used in this lesson.

Edit the widget you just added. You may include a title, text, or other media with the text widget. Choose the order of the devices if the footer has many widgets. When you’re done adding text or making widget changes, click Done.

By making changes to your website’s footer, you can give it a distinctive appearance that people will know whenever they interact with your business.

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