File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Wordpress FTP

It is customary to do everything through the WordPress admin panel when you’re just starting with WordPress. However, as you become more comfortable with your website, understanding how to establish WordPress FTP access might assist you in better managing your site and resolving some difficulties.

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method of exchanging data between a server and a client. The files for your website are kept on a web host’s servers, and you may access them using FTP from your computer.

Why is FTP important for WordPress?

You will have to visit your website this way for various reasons. For example, if you’re having problems with WordPress, you may utilize FTP to: 

Along with the reasons given above, we believe that understanding FTP is critical information for all webmasters and online company owners, especially as it may rescue your site from downtime and lost revenue.

WordPress FTP File Management (using Filezilla)

Filezilla interface

FTP software such as FileZilla is used to upload themes or plugins to a WordPress website. However, these tasks can be performed within the WordPress Dashboard as well. FileZilla’s other uses include uploading favicon images, setting file permissions, or manually modifying configuration files such as robots.txt, wp-config.php, and .htaccess.

The FTP user interface is split into two sections.

The libraries and documents on your computer system are displayed on the left. You’ll see all the folders and files on the server for your WordPress site on the right.

File manipulation is as simple as dragging and dropping, precisely like your desktop.

You may drag and drop files between directories on your server to rearrange them. You may also slide files between the two parts if you wish to upload things to your network (or download files to your local computer):

It’s vital to know that dragging documents from your local computer and your remote website will not move them, unlike your desktop. For example, dragging a file from your network to your local computer will leave the file on your server.

If you drag files across directories on your server, on the other hand, the files will be relocated. Another helpful feature of FileZilla is the ability to modify files. When you right-click an item, you have many options, like editing the file.

In general, FTP will:

Understanding how the system works behind the lines is essential for becoming a seasoned WordPress user. FTP comes in helpful in this situation since it allows you to engage directly with the data that constitute your site. Knowing how to use FTP to access your WordPress site is essential for any WordPress website owner.

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