Malware Removal Services vs. Website Security Services

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To be successful, every business organization is required to have its data and information protected from unauthorized access. Therefore, many website security services and malware removal services have been introduced by IT practitioners to aid businesses in the protection of their data. 

Let us understand what malware removal services and website security services are.

What is Malware?

Malware is software that is designed intentionally to crack private information and disrupt a computer or computer network to gain unauthorized access to organizational data.

Malware Removal Services

Malware removal services help clean and restore websites that were hacked previously; these services are provided using anti-malware software designed to protect software against malicious programs. This software must be installed. After successful installation, this tool runs one time to check the computer (can be run manually); if any infection is found, the tool displays a status report the next time that computer is started.

It includes services like:

  • Automated Scanning
  • Recover hacked websites
  • Removing virus or malware
  • Updating security

What are the functions performed by Malware Removal Services?

Identify: Identify the endpoints which have been affected by the attackers.

Block: It blocks any further access from where the malware originated.

For example: blocking IP addresses, email, originating websites, etc.

Restore: Affected data is put back in a good state with no chance of malware remaining.

Recover: Recover as much affected data as possible.

What is a website?

Place connected to the network where information can be found on the World Wide Web (www). Website is a collection of various web pages identified by common domain names.

Website Security Services

These are services provided to prevent the exploitation of websites and make sure uploaded information is not exposed to cybercriminals. These services are necessary to keep cyber thieves and hackers from accessing sensitive information. These services also work for users on their behalf and speak to the person working on the website to maintain security protocols. A firewall is one of the software installed in computers beforehand; these are designed to exude all activities before they reach the server.

These services help in:

  • Fixing basic PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) errors.
  • Fully backing up the website before it starts.
  • Working with the user’s web host directly.
  • Reviewing and resolving all adverse Google notices.
  • Protecting visitors and businesses from attacks and data breaches.

What are the functions performed by Website Security Services? 

IdentifyAsset Inventory and its managementa) Access points or nodes
b) Web infrastructure or servers
c) Web properties
d) Extensions and modules 
ProtectTechnologies of protective naturea) Server or application hardening
b) Cloud-based firewall
c) Application-level firewall
DetectMonitoring continuouslya) Monitoring at the application level
b) Monitoring at the server level
c) Change and integrity monitoring
d) User access monitoring
RespondAnalysis and Mitigationa) Deployment of the incident response team
b) Development of incident response report
c) Mitigate effects of an event
RecoverPlanning of recoverya) Team review of all findings
b) Analysis of output of all phases, documents and posting updates to all the processes

Wrap Up

It can now be concluded that Website Security Services are the services provided to implement protective measures or protocols that help protect business organizations from external threats related to the network. In contrast, Malware Removal Services offers real-time protection against installing malware software on a computer.

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