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Blogs are a good source of information about many things over the internet. Whenever we need to get some detailed information on anything, we look for blogs on different websites. Now, if you want to write blogs with any knowledge you have, you need to use any convenient blogging platform.

Basis of Comparison

You have to choose the best suited platform to establish your blog, by analyzing the major aspects of any platform. WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blogging platforms available on the internet. You can get the most convenient features and tools on both platforms but, they have different working styles and specific pros and cons.

Blogger or WordPress – Comparison?

Here we are discussing some important points to find out which platform is better between Blogger and WordPress –

Ease of Use

Using Blogger is so simple that you can just sign up with your Google account and create blogs by clicking the “Create New Blog” option. Then you can set your display name, blog title, blog address, and theme. These basic steps may be very simple in blogger but editing the layout of your blog and customizing the theme is much trickier and you need good HTML skills for those.

Whereas using WordPress is a much simple and quick process. You just need to know to point and click on a computer screen to set up WordPress and to install WordPress plugins. Then you can select the theme of your choice from plenty of WordPress themes and can customize the theme by the step-by-step guide from WordPress.

So, as per the ease of use, WordPress is a much easier option than Blogger.


You are the one who put all the effort to create content and set up the layout of your blog. So, you certainly want to control every aspect of your blog. But, blogger and WordPress have two different approaches for that.

Blogger is a service provided by Google. It’s very easy and convenient to publish your blogs but, you cannot control it totally. Google has the right to control your access to it and can shut it down anytime. Even if you do not do anything wrong, Google can cancel your access to your blog anytime.

On the other hand, in WordPress, you use a WordPress hosting provider to host your blog/website. You are free to decide how long you want to run your blog or when you want to shut it down. With WordPress, you can take your blog to a new host on your wish but, the blogger doesn’t allow you to do that.

Hence, WordPress gets proved to be better than blogger in terms of ownership of your blog.

Control and Flexibility

When you are setting up your blog, you will definitely want the flexibility to control the whole design of your blog. That means you will want to add, control, or remove external features like advertising, subscription links, contact form, etc. as per your choice.

Blogger is designed as a simple blogging tool so, the features with it are limited and you cannot control them or add third-party features. Advanced monetary options such as popups and many other eCommerce features are not available with Blogger. This limits the money-making potentiality of your blog very low.

WordPress is an open-source software and you can easily add various external features to it. There are thousands of free and premium plugins available for WordPress to add several functionalities to your blog. You can add an online store, create a portfolio, make a popup to get visitors’ email addresses, etc. with those plugins.

So, WordPress is a clear winner over Blogger, in terms of control and flexibility.


You will never want to lose your data from your blog. That’s where security is important to protect your blog site from getting blacklisted or hacked.

As Blogger is operated by Google, you have the robust security provided by Google for your blogging platform. But, if blogger goes down, your blog site will go down too.

WordPress is well secure, but since it is self-hosted, you are the one responsible for your data. But there are several plugins to get good security in WordPress and to have convenient backup options. Also, the step-by-step guide in WordPress helps you to maintain good security for your WordPress site.

In terms of security, Blogger and WordPress are almost equally equipped but, you have many options to control the better security for your site in WordPress. And, in Blogger, you don’t have any control over it.


It is very common to get stuck on problems with technical products. That’s why a good support system is needed to help you get out of the problem.

As Blogger is a free service, Google doesn’t provide one-to-one support for individual blogger users. You will get just a basic help and support option in your blogger side panel.

WordPress has a greatly active community support system to solve every problem of yours with much dedication. You will get more dedicated support for any problem such as theme or plugin related, for every paid product in WordPress.

So, WordPress is much better than Blogger in terms of support systems.


A bright future for the platform you are using for your blog is very important. You can plan you’re the journey of your blog depending on that future.

Blogger is fully owned by Google and long since it got no updates. Google has a track record of shutting down many popular services such as Google Reader, FeedBurner, etc.

WordPress is managed by a community of expert developers and users. Being an open-source software, it cannot be fully controlled or shut down by one company or any individual.

Hence, we can see that WordPress has a much brighter future than Blogger.


You will need to move your blog to any other platform anytime. So, you need easy porting options for that.

Blogger has a very cumbersome process for porting and you have a high risk to lose your SEO rankings, subscribers, and followers while moving your blog to a different platform.

WordPress allows you to move your site anywhere you want in a very simple way. You can easily move your site to a new host, other Content Management Systems (CMS), or change your domain name.

So, WordPress wins over Blogger in terms of portability.


You will never want your blog to be a way of draining your money. You will always need to use a cost-effective yet rich in opportunities platform for your site.

Blogger provides you free blogging service with a free blog hosting but, you have to pay for any custom domain name which costs almost 15 USD per year. And, being a free service Blogger doesn’t provide you many features to enhance your site quality.

In WordPress you have to pay for hosting and domain name but, with third-party hosting companies, you can get very reasonable hosting plans. After setting up your blog, you can control your costs according to the services you use.

In terms of pricing, Blogger and WordPress are almost at the same rank but, WordPress provides more options to grow a site than Blogger.

Considering all these important aspects of growing a blog, we can see that WordPress is much better than Blogger in most of the points. So, WordPress can be tagged as the most convenient option to build and grow a site.

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