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What is a WordPress Loop 1

WordPress displays content on your site using the WordPress Loop.

Take, for example, your index.php template. This template is typically used on the home page of a simple blogging theme to display many posts or post excerpts. This is accomplished using the WordPress Loop in the index.php template.

If you wish to change your WordPress design, you’ll need a basic knowledge of the WordPress loop. Even if you have no previous knowledge of PHP or HTML, you will understand how the WordPress loop is constructed after reading this course.

To fully understand the WordPress Loop, let’s examine a simple WordPress theme to see how it is used.

Example of what a simple WordPress loop looks like.
WordPress Loop

A simple WordPress Loop is seen here. It may be much longer than your website’s loop code, but it will still follow the same structure.

Where do you Locate a WordPress Loop?

The notion that the loop is always active anytime content arrives on a page provides a clue where the WordPress loop can be found. Every template file in your theme that displays content contains the answers.

Depending on your theme layout, it might be in the template section. These template files contain frequently used code (such as the loop). Instead of repeatedly duplicating the same code snippet, they can be pulled into the other files.

For example, if you visit the page.php file of the Twenty-One theme, you’ll notice that the loop is divided into sections. While the portion controlling how to display the data begins within the file itself, it is located in a template named content-page.php.

Example of a WordPress Loop

The index.php template only has a call to the head, the Wp Loop, a reference to a sidebar, and a footer, as shown in the code below. It illustrates just how simple WordPress can be.

Example of a WordPress loop
Examples of a WordPress loop

Because the information presented in most WordPress themes is different, the code for the WordPress Loop looks a bit different. Exploring the WordPress Loop in various designs is a beautiful way to understand how the loop works.

Advantages of Using WordPress Loop

WordPress posts articles using the WordPress Loop. In its most basic version, the WordPress Loop just checks to see if any articles or webpages are to be displayed before showing them.

Theme developers can create complicated website themes by employing many loops and changing loops with the WP Query class. Although this code can sometimes be tricky, the central notion of how developers design complex themes is based on the WordPress Loop.


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