General Public License (GPL)

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Richard Stallman, a computer programmer, designed the GNU General Public License (hereafter referred to as “the GPL”) as a rebellious reaction to the massive rise of proprietary software. The ‘GNU’ GPL was called after Stallman’s use of it to license the GNU operating system.

A free software license is the GPL. Contrary to common belief, the word “free” in the context of “free software” refers to the user’s freedom to use, modify, and distribute the program (as defined by Stallman) (and any derivative works).

The GPL best describes the four freedoms connected with the “free software” movement:

In other words, the GPL is the polar opposite of proprietary software like Windows or iOS. It empowers the end-user while not always serving the developer’s best interests. WordPress chose the GPL license to foster a friendly and inclusive community. The GPL may be viewed as WordPress’s ‘Bill of Rights.’ It outlines the project’s fundamental ideals.

GPL in WordPress: Advantages

From an ethical standpoint, there’s much to like about the GPL. WordPress’s license demonstrates that it is possible. WordPress’s selected license indicates that it is feasible to make and distribute software completely transparently while reaping community advantages and generating money. End users can use WordPress themes (third-party paid themes) with a GPL license at a discount price.

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