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Effective version control is essential to preventing misunderstanding and providing users with the best (and most current) version as more individuals contribute to open-source projects.

WordPress development is now primarily carried out by virtual teams with members located worldwide, with proper version control and code access procedures essential to the team’s smooth operation. The WordPress development workflow has been much simpler with the introduction of several Git systems like GitHub and BitBucket.

Although the concept of version control is decades old and well-known technologies like Git have been around for some time, consumers still have difficulty understanding and implementing it using Git.

WordPress to GitHub Introduction

GitHub could seem daunting if you’re a beginner, but it’s relatively straightforward. GitHub is essentially a free hosting service created especially for coders. Its primary function is to hold shared and collaborative work, making them accessible so that other users can edit and download them.

As suggested by its name, GitHub is designed with Git’s features in mind. This version control system keeps track of all project modifications. The system’s extensiveness is what gives it its strength. Git makes it possible for you to rapidly go back to an earlier version since it records every file and modification in your project.

Git also enables developers to make “branches,” which is a copy of a project so that you may work on it alone. As a result, you may test and make changes without impacting the entire project. Then, if you like, you may “merge” your modifications into the main branch or choose to ignore them entirely.

Grasp why Git and GitHub are so essential to developers requires understanding these characteristics. Since you can always build branches and roll back any updates, you don’t have to be concerned about inflicting a project irreparable harm, for instance. Additionally, working on a project with an almost limitless number of individuals is simple.

Introduction to GitHub

You will need a mechanism for integrating Git and GitHub before utilizing it. You must first download and install Git on your local computer.

You will use it to carry out necessary GitHub-related actions, such as moving files from your PC to your GitHub repository.

The actual development of the project only takes place on your own system; GitHub merely serves as the project’s host. Git then stores each project in “repositories.”

In principle, this could seem unclear, so let’s have a look at an example workflow:

You have a project that is housed in a GitHub repository.

You establish a local repository and use Git to “pull” the most recent project version from GitHub into the repository.

The project may now be worked on locally on your computer.

Finally, you should utilize the command line to maximize the benefits of Git. Secure Shell is the most popular method for using Git (SSH), including a command-line interface. 

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