Custom Fonts in WordPress

Finding a typeface for your website is an excellent way to give it an appealing look. There is various options for improving the aesthetics of a WordPress site. Adding custom fonts to a website is one of them. 

Folks who wish to use their own fonts in a WordPress site need not worry any longer. One can select from a curated range of fonts, including Google Fonts, for each theme. 

Custom fonts enable us to create attractive font combinations on a site to increase typography and customer experience. Custom fonts help increase comprehensibility, enhance a company’s value and image, and boost the amount of time they are spending on your website, in addition to looking fantastic.

Before choosing any custom font, one needs to go through the various themes’ options for the website. Depending on whatever theme is being used, one will have more options for changing fonts. It also allows you to alter your own fonts as frequently as you want even after having decided on them.

Go to Appearance Customize Fonts and choose a new Header or Base Font to modify the custom fonts you are using. Alternatively, by selecting the X to the side of the custom font name, one can return to the theme’s default font. Select Publish or Save to keep customizing the site until you are happy with the font adjustments.

Custom Fonts in Elementor

Custom Fonts in Elementor Pro allow website developers to add self-hosted and different kinds of fonts to Elementor projects, allowing them to establish a distinctive brand language. While Elementor comes pre-installed with over 800 Google fonts, these are not always sufficient.

A company turns into a brand when unique and recognizable. Custom fonts help you establish the exact with its variety of options. Web typography distinguishes a website from the competition. As a result, many developers prefer to use bespoke fonts to create more professional and unique font styles.

Page markup and formatting in elementor

Elementor’s custom fonts make it simple to upload without the need for additional font plugins. Users may also synchronize all Adobe Typekit fonts with a single click, have full font management, and switch fonts as often as they want.

It’s crucial to remember that processing too many fonts might cause a website to slow down, so sticking to two or three typefaces and using them throughout the site would be a great idea. Not only this, using more than three to four fonts on any website or page becomes overwhelming to the reader’s eyes and disrupts the readability.


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