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Reasons To Avoid Cheap Hosting For WordPress Websites

It is pretty usual that often our low budget makes us step back from investing a hefty sum into various things. WordPress hosting is also such a point of investment. There are multiple hosting options available with different pricing and features. Some of the options are also comparatively cheaper. But, are they worth being used? […]

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How To Redirect WordPress URL With & Without Plugin?

A well-established business without a proper website is unimaginable now. The tech world is continuously evolving to provide you with several features. The number of websites is constantly getting so large that a unique address is essential to create a suitable identity for each website. That dedicated address is the URL of the website. Now, […]

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How To Easily Track 404 Pages And Redirect Them In WordPress?

404 errors happen when visitors attempt to access a page on your website that no longer exists. It creates a bad experience for the visitors and can be a nightmare for your search engine rankings. If you have an eCommerce website and your site is showing 404 errors, you can expect lower sales. The solution […]

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How To Quickly Change The Admin Color Scheme In WordPress?

Several people use WordPress to publish and want a workspace with their preferred colors in the administration area to give it a more personal and authentic touch. Today we will show you how to change or add color schemes in WordPress administration quickly and correctly. What are WordPress Dashboard Color Schemes? WordPress, by default, comes […]

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How To Put Your WordPress In Maintenance Mode?

Are you working on the launch of your WordPress site, or are you planning some significant updates? During this testing, tuning, and content creation, it is best to make your site temporarily inaccessible to visitors. Create a maintenance page to let them know that your site is under maintenance without landing on an error page. […]

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Launching Your Crypto Website: WordPress Custom Theme vs. Ready-Made

Building your own Crypto WordPress Website is quite popular these days. The Crypto market can offer great business opportunities both to the investors and the platform makers. If you have a great business idea and would like to build a Crypto Website to introduce your service to the world, you probably came across WordPress. When […]

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How To Improve Google PageSpeed On WordPress?

Does your WordPress site work but find it a bit slow? Don’t panic!With today’s users more impatient than ever and increasing digital competition, it’s vital to have a fast-loading website if you want to succeed.Google has a tool called “PageSpeed Insight” that analyzes the content of a webpage and then gives suggestions to improve your […]

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WordPress Performance Optimization To Do Without Plugin

Does your WordPress site work, but do you find it a bit slow? Don’t panic! You’ll find in this guide all the practical ways to improve & optimize the speed of your WordPress site without using the plugin! In the hyperconnected world of the moment, Internet users are increasingly demanding the loading speed of websites. […]

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How Do I Check My WordPress Speed?

Are you looking for solutions to test your WordPress site speed? Do you also want to boost your WordPress site speed? Having a fast-loading website is crucial for improving your SEO rankings, decreasing bounce rate, and increasing overall sales. If your business website page loads in more than 3 seconds, then its a high chance […]

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