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Google Alerts service allows you to watch the web and sends you an email notification whenever a new result relevant to your search query is discovered. You can keep an eye on any keyword or phrase you choose using Google Alerts. You will be notified via email as soon as it shows in the search engine results provided by Google. 

In addition, the program enables users to monitor their choice of news sources, blog entries, online pages, videos, books, discussion forums, and financial trackers in any language and area they want.

You have access to various choices, such as Search Settings and Advanced Operators, that may assist you in personalizing the results you get.

What are some potential uses for Google alerts?

The incredible adaptability of Google Alerts is one of the features that users like most about the service. With Google Alerts, you can virtually monitor anything you want to keep an eye on.

There are; however, a few critical use cases for Google Alerts that every marketer and owner of a small company needs to be performing at the bare least. Some of them are as follows:

1. It will keep an eye on your brand

Even for the most modest companies, keeping a close eye on their brand’s mentions and reputation is essential. Customers will often not come directly to you to complain unless you have specifically invited them to do so; nevertheless, they will discuss the issue online.

It might be helpful to take the appropriate actions toward continual improvement if you know how favorable or poorly others are regarding your brand. The first step on the path to success is acquiring knowledge.

2. Always keep an eye on the other companies in the market

You may stay on top of what others in your business are doing by doing a Competitor Analysis. It will help you stay competitive. 

Whether it’s to assist you in better understanding their goods, services, and features so that you can alter your sales dialogues or to receive inspiration from their marketing efforts, researching competitors’ advertising strategies is always a good idea.

3. Monitor relevant topics

Monitoring subjects relevant to your brand and your audience will assist you in developing a deeper comprehension of the Market in which you compete. 

It may also help you create material relevant to your audience and posts linked to those content for social media. All that is required of you is to create an alert for a specific term or keyword associated with that subject matter.

You will be able to respond and communicate much more quickly if you are aware of significant developments in your business as soon as they occur. Additionally, it is an excellent method for discovering new information that might motivate your content marketing plan.

4. Look after the activity of your press release

Anyone who has worked in Public Relations understands how difficult it can be to stay on top of all the issued news releases. Nobody has the time to monitor various news websites manually, and journalists seldom tell sources when they produce a story based on information in a press release.

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