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Page speed is the time that elapses between the point at which a browser requests a page and the end at which the browser finishes rendering and processing the page’s content. The speed of a particular page may be affected by a wide variety of variables, such as the amount and kind of material, the distance the data travels, the type of connection, the device, the operating system, and the browser.

Why is page speed critical?

Suppose you or your firm create a website. In that case, you intend to persuade people to engage in some behavior, such as seeing content, making a purchase, using your application, going to your physical location, or having a favorable opinion of your brand. The speed at which your website loads affects users’ perceptions, and if your page loads slowly, you will have lost users even before your page is completely loaded.

By the time the countdown reaches three seconds, you will have lost 45 percent of your visitors. People’s impressions of a website, its brand, and the items it sells might be negatively impacted by a slowdown of the page load time of as little as 500 milliseconds. The speed of your page might undercut your aims, eventually resulting in less money.

How does the location of the user influence the page’s load time?

Page load times are often negatively impacted by latency caused by the user’s location. The farther that material has to go, the longer it takes to obtain that initial byte, and the slower the page performance will result. Therefore, the speed of your website will increase if you place your content near your visitors. In addition, using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) might increase page speed (check your CDN speed).

How does connection type affect page speed?

You do not have any control over the user’s link. It is possible that the local Internet infrastructure and user choices, such as whether to utilize 3G wireless or broadband, would seem insurmountable impediments when attempting to improve page load times for those users. However, page load times may be decreased by scaling content per the user’s connection type and location.

How does browser choice affect page speed?

Users use many different browsers and versions of those browsers. Every new update makes the promise a speedier overall experience. And browser publishers make good on these promises by modifying the browsers’ behavior, such as how they handle memory or process the information on the CPU. So it is easier for you to make choices that affect page performance when you know how your page performs on standard browsers.

While it is always a good idea to utilize synthetic web performance monitoring to track your page speed proactively, Real User Monitoring can provide you with specific information on how real users interact with your website. A lightweight script file keeps tabs on the page load time as it occurs in the user’s browser.

RUM (real user monitoring) gathers information on your visitor’s location, device, operating system, and browser in addition to the page load time data. The result is a rich set of aggregated user data, which may be filtered to examine data depending on any modification of the user’s operating environment factors. Visit Seahawk Media for more information on Page Speed.

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