What Is Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet

A featured snippet summarizes a search result displayed on the SERP. It is designed to give the searcher quick and relevant information about their query. The featured snippet usually appears above the organic results and below any paid ads.

How does Featured Snippet work?

Featured snippets are generated algorithmically by Google based on what they believe to be the best answer to the searcher’s question. To appear in a featured snippet, your content must rank highly in Google’s regular organic search results. Then, Google will analyze your content to see if it matches the searcher’s question. 

If your content is selected as a featured snippet, it will appear at the top of the search results page. Your website’s title and URL will also be displayed.

Who can use Featured Snippet?

Anyone can use Featured Snippet! All you need is a Google account and to be signed into it. Then, go to your search settings and turn on “Featured Snippets.”

Are there any negatives to using a Featured Snippet?

There are a few potential negatives to be aware of when using a Featured Snippet:

  1. Because Featured Snippets pull their information from the top result on Google, you will not have your content featured if your website is not ranking in the top position for a given query.
  2. Even if your website ranks at the top, there’s no guarantee that your content will be used as a Featured Snippet. Google may instead choose to use another website’s content.
  3. While having your content featured as a Featured Snippet can help increase traffic to your website, it is essential to note that clicks on the featured snippet itself do not count as clicks on your website; users must click through to your website from the featured snippet for those clicks to be counted.

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