Bait And Switch


“Bait and switch” is a common type of fraud that occurs when a business baits customers by advertising a product or service at a low price but then switching to a more expensive option once the customer is interested. This leaves the customer feeling misled and frustrated and often results in them not purchasing anything.

What is Bait and Switch in SEO?

Bait and switch is a technique often used in SEO to boost rankings. The idea is simple: create content that looks compelling and interesting but is not very useful or relevant. This can be done by creating a lot of low-quality content or by duplicating existing content.

Search engines generally frown upon this technique, which can result in penalties or bans. However, it can be challenging to detect, so some SEOs continue to use it.

If you’re considering using bait and switch in your SEO campaign, carefully weigh the risks. It’s not worth getting banned from search engines or losing all of your hard-earned rankings.

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