The WordPress Gallery (Block Editor)


The WordPress Gallery is a powerful feature in the Block Editor that allows you to create and display image galleries on your website. In this article, we will explore how to add and edit image galleries using the Media Library and the Gallery block.

Adding Image Gallery using Media Library

Step 1 – Place your cursor

While editing a post or page, place your cursor in the block editor where you want to add the image gallery.

Step 2 – Select the Gallery block

Click on the “+” icon to add a new block, and search for the “Gallery” block. Click on it to insert the Gallery block into your post or page.

Step 3 – Add and/or Select the Images You Want to Include

In the Gallery block, you can add new images from your Media Library or select existing ones. To add new images, click the “Upload” button, follow the prompts to upload, and choose the desired ideas. To select existing images, click the “Media Library” tab and pick the images you want to include.

Step 4 – Edit Your Gallery

After adding the images, you can customize your gallery by adjusting the layout, image sizes, and other settings. Use the toolbar options and the block sidebar settings to make modifications as needed. You can also add captions or change the order of the images within the gallery.

Editing Existing Galleries

Locate the Gallery block in the post or page editor to edit an existing gallery. Click on the block to reveal the gallery settings and make the necessary changes. You can add or remove images, rearrange their order, or modify other gallery settings.


Creating and managing image galleries becomes seamless with the WordPress Gallery block. Utilize the steps outlined above to add stunning galleries to your posts and pages, and take advantage of the customization options to create visually appealing displays. The Gallery block empowers you to showcase your images professionally and engagingly on your WordPress website.

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