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In WordPress, the Audio Shortcode provides a convenient way to embed and play audio files on your website. Whether you want to showcase your latest podcast episode or add background music to your blog post, the Audio Shortcode offers flexibility and simplicity. This blog post will explore the usage, options, and benefits of the Audio Shortcode in WordPress.


Using the Audio Shortcode is straightforward. Place the following shortcode in your post or page:

Note: Avoid leaving a space between “[” and “audio” to ensure proper functioning.

If you have a specific audio file in the Media Library that you want to use, you can specify the source URL with the following shortcode:

Additionally, you can provide fallbacks for different HTML5-supported filetypes, such as MP3, OGG, and WAV:


The Audio Shortcode offers several options to customize the behavior of the embedded audio. Here are some commonly used options:


The Audio Shortcode offers several advantages for enhancing your WordPress website:

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