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What is Enqueue-script WP?

You shouldn’t just add them to the header in WordPress; instead, you should utilize a technique known as enqueueing, a standardized means of storing your assets that comes with the extra benefit of managing dependencies. Enqueueing is available in WordPress. ContentsHow does Enqueueing Works?Adding Scripts and Stylesheets for the FrontendIncluding Scripts and Stylesheets for the […]

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What is WordPress Cron?

Do you ever find yourself curious about what WP-Cron is? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place to find out all you need to know about the WordPress scheduled tasks plugin. Cron, which stands for Command Run On, is a program that was first developed for UNIX systems and then adapted for […]

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What is Heartbeat API in WordPress?

The user’s browser and the server can maintain a consistent connection thanks to the heartbeat application programming interface (API). The ability to lock posts and provide warnings to users when many users attempted to modify the same post at the same time was one of the initial goals. Another motive was to issue notifications to […]

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How to Use cPanel?

Managing a website’s hosting required technical knowledge in the early days of the internet. However, not everyone possessed these abilities; that’s why a user-friendly solution was needed. The control panel, sometimes known as cPanel, was created to satisfy this demand. It has become the standard method for managing web hosting effectively due to its growing […]

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Custom backgrounds in WordPress

Your website’s whole backdrop is made up of a Custom Background. It’s also known as a personalized background. For more particular areas on the WordPress site, custom backgrounds are also possible: Behind the scenes of a WordPress website or post On a category page in WordPress Within a page or post’s content block On the […]

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Using the Admin Bar in WordPress

When you’re on the front end of your WordPress blog or website, the WordPress Admin Bar is a shortcut section that allows you to reach the behind-the-scenes settings. Once you’ve signed in to your WordPress site, the WordPress Admin Panel is the dark grey bar that runs across the top of the screen. The WordPress […]

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How to Forward Your GoDaddy Business Email to Gmail

Please mentally raise your hand if you have one personal email, one email for your business, one junk email (because don’t we all have one of those?), and two random emails for companies you thought about starting. We can’t see you, but we’re pretty sure most of you reading this right now can relate. Because […]

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How to Convert PSD to Shopify Easily

While just thinking of having your website as beautiful as the unique Photoshop Designs, you may always have feared the complex coding to build the website. That’s where Shopify comes with its easy tools to create a great-looking website by the least complex process. Shopify is a trusted solution with several renowned clients such as […]

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How to Install WordPress on Windows 11

ContentsIntroductionWhy Do You Need To Install WordPress Locally?Step-By-Step Guide To Install WordPress Locally on Windows 11Option 1: Using WSLStep 2: Install NGINXStep 3: Install a DB ServerStep 4: Install PHPStep 5: Install WordPressOption 2: Using XamppInstalling XAMPP on a Windows computerStarting the installation processDownloading the WordPress filesCreating a database for WordPressInstalling WordPress locallyOption 3. Using […]

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