Why You Need To Migrate From Drupal To WordPress

Drupal to WordPress Migration

Looking To Migrate From Drupal to WordPress?

Drupal is an open-source CMS to build customized websites and web applications. Released in 2001, it is written in PHP language. Big enterprises that get high traffic chose Drupal for complex web development.

Hence web development using Drupal costs much more than WordPress including maintenance. But why would you pick Drupal when you have a CMS that is cost-effective, easy to use, and does everything Drupal does at a much lower cost? Presenting you- WordPress

So if you’re thinking about Drupal to WordPress Migration, you are in the right direction. While both WordPress and Drupal are open-source CMS, WordPress came 2 years later. Even then, WordPress has occupied more than 60% of CMS websites on the internet. Here you will know exactly why WordPress is the right choice for your business over Drupal

Drupal vs. WordPress comparison

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Drupal to WordPress Migration

Functionality & Usage

WordPress: As soon as the installation is complete, it is ready to use and doesn’t require any complex setups. WordPress also has amazing themes designed for beginners as well as for advanced users. With even little to no experience, WordPress is a ready-to-go platform for any kind of business. 

Drupal: It is not as simple as WordPress and requires some time to figure out core functionality. That being said, Drupal is not an ideal CMS for beginners. The highly customizable features would require an experienced developer for it to function at its full potential. Drupal can be hard to learn as it requires more expertise.

Cost Effectiveness

While the setup & web hosting costs are almost the same for both WordPress and Drupal, the maintenance cost varies for both poles apart distance.

Since Drupal requires technical expertise, the maintenance cost is much more expensive. You need to hire experts to explore Drupal’s full functionality. Even after the web development with Drupal is complete, any more support requires extra cost. 

Charges are almost sky-high because of the small size of the Drupal community. Another big reason why you’re thinking right about Drupal to WordPress migration.

On the other hand, WordPress maintenance doesn’t cost as much and it is quite pocket friendly even for small businesses. Seahawk lists $70-100 per hour retail for WordPress development which is way less than Drupal’s maintenance cost.


Matt Cutts, the former head of the Google webspam team, has said that Google loves WordPress. Well, there’s a reason for it. 

SEO revolves around core responsiveness & user experience. WordPress has both. 

Responsive mobile friendliness, themes & plugins make WordPress websites SEO-friendly which climbs the ladder of search engine rankings. 

When it comes to Drupal, the heavy loads of systems and modules require additional time to load most of the time, making it non-optimized for the search engine. The speed of the website plays an important role in deciding SEO-friendliness, and there Drupal steps back a little. 

Want more reasons why you should migrate from Drupal to WordPress? Let’s have a look at some comparisons & burst some myths.

Drupal to WordPress comparison
Drupal to WordPress Migration

Number Comparison: Drupal vs. WordPress

Launched 2 years later than Drupal, still to date WordPress acquired more than 60% of the world’s CMS websites. Whereas, Drupal’s number is only 4%.

Huger enterprises like Facebook, The New York Times, Bloomberg, etc, are running on WordPress. 

Drupal is not even closer to WordPress’ share in the market but still, to mention, its circle includes websites like- Cisco, NBC, The Economist, etc

Out of all websites on the internet, more than 40% are run on WordPress. Whereas, Drupal’s share is only 1.7%

Debunking 2 biggest myths: WordPress vs. Drupal

Myth 1: WordPress is only for small businesses

Well, it is already mentioned and clear that big business websites run on WordPress. It is right that WordPress is ideal for small businesses, people just starting out in wordpress development, and bloggers, however, in no way it means that big websites cannot run on WordPress effectively. 

Rather it is an added advantage on the WordPress end that this platform is for both small & big enterprises. 

Myth 2: Multilingual is an issue with WordPress

Yes, Drupal 8, has inbuilt multilingual capabilities, however, even with WordPress, you can build a hassle-free multilingual website to your SEO advantage. 

Google loves WordPress because of its SEO-friendliness. Why not double the love by making a multilingual WordPress website? 

There are various ready-to-go plugins like WPML and MultilingualPress to achieve multilingual functionality and content localization on WordPress. 

Learn More: 6 Common WordPress Myths Debunked

Drupal to WordPress Migration: 4-Step Simple Guide

For Drupal to WordPress Migration, follow these 4 simple steps using a plugin

Install FG Drupal to WordPress plugin

In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, and search for FG Drupal to WordPress. Click Install Now, and once it’s done, Activate

Get Your Drupal Information

To get this information, go into the settings.php file using an FTP client (usually found here: drupal/sites/default/settings.php). Next, follow these instructions:

Import Drupal Content to WordPress

You are almost there with Drupal to WordPress Migration.

Why Choose Seahawk as Your Drupal to WordPress Migration Agency?

Even though we have included the steps you need in Drupal to WordPress migration, it’s always a better idea to pick the experts to do the work for you. This ensures safe data transfer & smooth migration process. Even a tiny mistake in doing Drupal to WordPress migration can cost you long-term damage. 

But, you don’t have to worry about that. 

Seahawk is dedicated & passionate about WordPress. We are fully white-label WordPress service providers and provide Pro WordPress Services for revolutionary pricing at $70-100 per hour retail for our partners. 

From WordPress support to UI design, to hacked site repairs, to web development, we take care of all on your behalf. Our retention services that prevent customer churn for web hosts make us unique in the market. 

Over 1000+ businesses like Clean Juice, GoDaddy, etc trust seahawk with WordPress services. 

It’s your time to join and scale your business with us. Contact us now for further personalized details. 

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