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Greengeeks Vs. GoDaddy

Greengeeks vs GoDaddy

Web applications and web hosting have taken place in today’s environment. That is why we present Greengeeks Vs. GoDaddy to you!

Both GreenGeeks and GoDaddy are the most reliable web hosting service providers in the internet industry. They both offer dedicated web hosting packages that are well-suitable for businesses. However, choosing the perfect web hosting service provider among these two is a nerve-wracking experience, but the decision depends on what kind of hosting you need for your website. They’ve got rich features, including customer support, performance, uptime, and cPanel.

The critical difference between the two companies is the access to domain registrations and hosting. GreenGeeks offers free domain name registration and transfer for one year, but those tools are not willingly available until you’re a customer. GoDaddy is one of the world’s largest and trusted domain registrars, having more than 75 million domain names under management.

Let’s dive into the GreenGeeks Vs. GoDaddy discussion in more detail.

GreenGeeks vs. GoDaddy: The Face-Off


Nowadays, the speed of a website is one of the main factors for ranking and user experience. A website with slow speed may let you down and your dreams.
Though GreenGeeks is an affordable hosting provider, it will never let you feel that it is cheap because the speed you will get with it is like any premium hosting provider’s speed. You’ll feel like your hosted website is on a premium hosting server. On the other hand, GoDaddy provides you with a good server but not the best because it doesn’t offer its user as many features as GreenGeeks offers.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most common and most used CMS (Content Management System) globally. WordPress is powering almost 35% of the internet, which is enormous in numbers. And users of all WordPress websites need powerful hosting on which they can rely.
GoDaddy is one of the best WordPress website hostings; it provides its customers the best features and has a good user base, so everybody goes for it. Meanwhile, GreenGeeks also provides the best feature for WordPress website hosting, and it’s cheap. But, the only price doesn’t matter; performance and user experience matter too.


Now, hacking is normal; nobody knows what is going to happen to their websites. Either it is hackable, or it is crashable. So, the website’s security is the most crucial part and mainly depends on web hostings. Users can do few security optimizations on their own, but it mostly depends on web hosting.
GreenGeeks takes extra care of the security and has many security features to give to their customers. Container-based technology, hosting account isolation, proactive server monitoring, real-time security scanning, and automatic app updates are all features they use. They provide a free SSL certificate and daily backup with their plans. When you buy a basic plan in GoDaddy, you will not get many security features that GreenGeeks provide. They provide a free SSL certificate and automatic backup but only with its Premium Plans.

Customer Support

The speed, security, and performance get noticed while buying web hosting, but their customer support is kept in mind. If you are in trouble regarding web hosting, will there be any customer support from the hosting provider’s side?
GoDaddy has one of the best customer support systems; they have 24x7x365 live chat support and a considerable knowledge base and experience. Their response rate is outstanding. If you want the best customer support, you should go with GoDaddy. While, if you want to get good customer support at an affordable price, you should go with the GreenGeeks. Their staff are good in behavior and are friendly and will solve your problem in just minutes.


Now, this is the most critical part of the comparison. Pricing is the most significant factor that allows people to go for web hosting. Everyone wants good Web hosting at an affordable price. GoDaddy and GreenGeeks both have a reasonable pricing category, but which is the best?
GreenGeeks has three categories of pricing:-
• Lite – $2.95/mo
• Pro – $5.95/mo
• Premium – $11.95/mo
While GoDaddy has five types of category in terms of the plan:-
• Starter – $3.99/mo
• Economy – $5.99/mo
• Deluxe – $7.99/mo
• Ultimate – $12.99/mo
• Maximum – $19.99/mo
Now, it’s all on you to choose but don’t forget to read our conclusion. We have something there for our readers.

Wrap Up

The best Web Hosting Providers are comparable in Speed, Performance, Security, Customer Support, And Pricing. GoDaddy was better in some cases, and in some scenarios, GreenGeeks was better, but you all want to know which Web Hosting is the best in all of these terms?
It’s Dreamhost, one of the most promising and affordable Web Hosting providers, which has all the features as similar as both GoDaddy and GreenGeeks. If you are looking for exclusive Web hosting deals of Dreamhost, you can get them with our affiliation code.

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