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UX Tips & Tools That You Must Know About

User experience is a set of attributes that determines how good the website navigation is in terms of the technical functioning & the structural organization of the pages & the value generated by the accessed content.

Have you ever heard of user experience? The UX concept has never been as widespread as today, and there are good reasons for that.

As consumers spend more & more time in the digital environment, it’s natural for them to look for more straightforward & more user-friendly ways to do their daily tasks. This also means that brands that are not offering a good browsing experience on their websites & blogs will lose space searching for customer attention. That’s why it’s important to know what’s involved in creating a smooth & effortless user experience and how you can use this feature to entice customers and build loyalty with the existing ones.

In this blog, we’ll share what user experience is and what are some UX tips & tools that you must know.

Let’s dive in! 

What is User Experience?

User experience encompasses all user interactions with a brand. After the digital transformation, this experience turned mainly to websites, mobile apps, tools, and other similar resources.

That’s right. Today, high satisfaction rates no longer depend entirely on the products or services quality.

For companies, this implies a significant effort to develop a coherent and attractive digital presence and adapt their interaction flows more and more to the user’s characteristics and behaviors.

To better understand what today’s brands should consider ensuring an optimal user experience, we’ll talk about the pillars of this concept in the next section.

What are the pillars of the user experience? Best UX Tips

The user experience is broad, and the deep universe is made up of different edges. Next, you will see the pillars that make it up.

Attractive Visual Presentation

One of the elementary points of UX Design is visual hierarchy. That’s because the first impression is also important to the user experience. For this reason, it is necessary to captivate the audience with an attractive visual presentation.

Whether it is an e-commerce, blog, or any other type of site, it is essential to have a pleasant, coherent, and attractive design that captures the visitor and makes them stay a long time on the page, surprising him/her for its aesthetic value.


In addition to being visually appealing, the User Experience (UX) must be highly functional.

Thus, platforms such as mobile apps and websites must offer added value that helps solve problems and satisfy the needs of users and customers.

We find calculators, spreadsheets, technical manuals, and even educationally focused content and information among these added values.


Accessibility, in the first place, refers to the possibility of accessing a web page from different devices and not just from a traditional computer or notebook.

Furthermore, it requires that the design adjust and optimize itself, considering the characteristics and shape of each device, as established by sound principles of responsiveness. This ensures a great experience on the page at all times, regardless of how the user accesses it – computer, tablet, or smartphone.

This point is also closely related to users with physical restrictions, such as people with visual impairment, enabling them to access information through resources such as screen readers.


For a website or digital platform to contribute to conversion rates and user satisfaction, it needs to have project credibility.

For this, it must be free from errors and, above all, meet the expectations it generates.

The different features and added values must fulfill the goals they promise and make a tangible contribution to solving the problems.

Thus, UX is marked by trust, leading to purchases, subscriptions, and other lasting commercial relationships.


The user interface is only effective when it guarantees usability, scanning capability, and intuitiveness.

It is useless for a website to have great features and potential if the user does not understand how to use it and get the most out from it.

Technical performance

Having a high load speed and good technical performance is especially important for pages. It is the only way to achieve conversion rate optimization (CRO) and a solid user experience.

Even if a website is functional and visually appealing, the user will not feel comfortable if it fails technically and deals with various frictions and annoyances.

It is also essential to mention that search engine algorithms value a site with good technical performance; therefore, this is directly related to search engine optimization (SEO).

Proximity and complicity

Users are increasingly demanding and require experiences that motivate and captivate them.

Within the pillars of the user experience, the humanization of pages and tools makes them closer and allows brands to connect with the public emotionally.

The result of these best practices, when implemented, increases user engagement.

Innovation and originality

Furthermore, the experience is more rewarding when the user interacts with innovative and original platforms and tools with their own identity and proves to be memorable.

Top 3 UX Tools of 2021

Abode XD

Adobe XD is one of the popular UI/UX design tools for designers to build website designs, mobile apps, wireframes, interactive prototypes, games, voice interfaces, and much more. It allows team members to work together on the same designs in real-time while allowing clients to leave their comments and feedback directly to the teams.

The app is available for both Windows and MacOS. The newest addition to Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite also supports seamless integration with other Adobe products.

Cost: Starts at $9.99/month/user for individuals & $22.99/month per user for teams.


InVision is among the biggest and most famous prototyping tools mainly used by designers and top enterprises today. It comes with a click-and-drag function that empowers the designer to create high-fidelity prototypes efficiently. You can easily upload transparent images by using a background eraser and then add some transitions & animations.

It also enables the team members to see real-time design changes and gather feedback quickly, making the project collaboration simplified and more manageable. In contrast, the designers can organize the design list through its drag-and-drop workflow functionality. InVision has a well-established reputation, and its dedication to constantly rolling out new functionality makes the platform a favorite among many designers.

Cost: InVision App pricing starts at $15.00 per feature per month. InVision App offers a free version trial.


Figma is a web-based online tool that designers and mainly design teams use for designing and building prototypes. It consists of robust modern features that help team members collaboratively create a flexible and accessible design from initial phase to end. Furthermore, the app also has additional features, including plugins such as Autoflow & Figmotion, plus Vector Networks & Arc Tool availability.

Sharing design with Figma is quite simple and easy, and it offers exceptional value for money to its customers. The tool is easy to use and an excellent choice for efficient design processes and development handoff. Figma also provides its services as a desktop app for both macOS & Windows. It has gained the immense attention of designers looking for manageable web-based tools around the online market. 

Cost: Starts at $12/month per editor.


Excellent UX design tools are essential for designing a website with a unique UI and an outstanding UX. It’s also crucial to know what these two entities entail and what is involved in their respective design activities.

UX design addresses website usability and its capability to provide a high degree of user satisfaction. For Designing strong UX, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to map out customer-friendly experiences. Just follow the above tips! These UX design tips will help you find the essential elements that will make your design connect with your target audience and make it beneficial for +both you and the users to interact.

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