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The search process varies from one search to another. Therefore, it is important to consider search intent for an effective SEO campaign. In addition to helping you understand users better, it also enables you to determine what keywords to target.

A branded search is one of the types of search that every company should be aware of. If you want to rank number one for branded searches, you don’t care if you are a big company or a small local business. 

Branded Search

Your company’s or website or name is included in a branded search or brand keyword. A branded search consists of a search that includes your brand name. Your brand must, however, be unique in these searches. So, for example, if a user searches for a phrase with the brand name but is not unique to just one domain, it wouldn’t constitute a branded search because there are many companies with similar names.

Why Branded Search Matters?

Intent and brand awareness are the two main reasons branded search is essential.

A brand name search indicates that the user already knows or has heard of you. They specifically seek you out. They want to learn more about your products/services or purchase them directly from your website. 

Brand awareness and visibility are also significant benefits of branded search. To be found by users when they search for you, you need to rank number one for branded searches. Therefore, a brand search that doesn’t result in your showing up is never a good thing.

Ranking for Branded Search

It can be easy to rank for branded search, but it is not always the case. A few factors could be preventing your company from ranking for branded keywords.

To rank for branded and non-branded keywords, you need to find an SEO agency that can help you. One of the first things they will do is optimize their brand for search engines. In addition, social media profiles can help you appear on SERPs for branded searches and optimize your website.

The Role of Branded Search in Consumer Behavior

The majority of a company’s keywords are branded terms. It is because your brand or products will likely be searched by people more profound into the sales funnel. Over two times as many conversions occur for branded and non-branded keywords.

The entire marketing funnel must be worked by brands working to improve conversions. It is essential to know how audiences discover your products to target these branded search terms for brands and products well known enough for them to be relevant to audiences. 

Final Words

The importance of branded searches cannot be overstated. It’s a common misconception that search queries related to your brand will lead to your website. You must optimize paid and organic search efforts throughout the cycle to achieve high conversion rates. You must own real estate to build a strong brand.

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