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Case Study: Digital Influx

Digital Influx

Digital Influx, an innovative EdTech and Recruitment company, specializes in User Experience Design education through its comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS), focusing on bridging the gap from education to the workforce. With a commitment to empowering creativity, empathy, and problem-solving skills, Digital Influx caters to both K12 schools and adult learners. Faced with the challenge of creating an LMS platform that resonates with their mission, Digital Influx partnered with Seahawk for a tailored WordPress design & development service. This case study narrates the iterative development process of the LMS, emphasizing design, functionality enhancements, and the adaptability of the Digital Influx online platform.

Development Milestones

Our team poured significant effort and expertise into realizing Digital Influx’s vision, prioritizing client satisfaction. We developed four website versions, each more attuned to the target audience and client needs.

Starting from scratch, we progressed to advanced graphic animations for young learners. Our commitment to excellence and flexibility shone throughout. The result was an exceptional LMS that surpassed Digital Influx’s expectations, highlighting our dedication to custom digital solutions.

Version 1: Initial Foundation

Website Image: V1

version 1

Challenge: Starting without a definitive concept, Seahawk was tasked with crafting the inaugural version of the site from the ground up.

Solution: The initial build laid the groundwork, offering a basic structure upon which future iterations could improve.

Version 2: Engaging Young Learners

Website Image: V2

Digital Influx website version 2

Objective: Enhance the site to appeal to its primary audience—children—by enriching it with captivating designs and visuals.

Outcome: The second iteration integrated vibrant, child-friendly design elements, making the LMS more engaging for young learners.

Version 3: Graphic Enhancement

Website Image: V3

Digital Influx version 3

Requirement: Transition from realistic imagery to custom-designed graphics and animations to further captivate the site’s audience.

Implementation: Our in-house team developed bespoke graphic elements, infusing the site with unique animations and images aligned with Digital Influx’s educational ethos.

Version 4: Final Refinements

Website Image: Final Version

Digital Influx website's final version

Fine-Tuning: The final version incorporated minor, client-requested adjustments, perfecting the user experience and site functionality.

Final Touch: This phase culminated in a polished, fully functional LMS platform ready to serve Digital Influx’s diverse educational audience.

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Technical and Functional Innovations

Figma to WordPress Conversion

The project commenced with transforming Figma designs into a dynamic WordPress site, ensuring design fidelity and functional integrity.

Incorporation of Reference Sites

Digital Influx provided reference URLs that served as inspiration, guiding the aesthetic and functional direction of the site development.

Adaptive Design Process

Continuous collaboration with Digital Influx allowed for iterative design changes, ensuring the platform aligned with evolving needs and preferences.

Educational Infrastructure Development

A notable feature was creating a ‘Master Teacher’ role, enabling streamlined course and student management and enhancing the educational delivery mechanism.

Impact and Educational Empowerment

The collaborative endeavor between Digital Influx and Seahawk resulted in a vibrant, user-centric LMS platform that reflects Digital Influx’s innovative approach to design education and significantly enhances its users’ learning experience. The platform’s evolution from a basic prototype to a comprehensive educational tool highlights the importance of iterative design, client collaboration, and user-focused development.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The final LMS platform offers an immersive, engaging environment that stimulates learning and creativity among young users and adult learners alike.
  • Customized Educational Content: The use of bespoke graphics and animations tailored to the curriculum enhances the delivery of complex concepts, making learning more accessible and enjoyable.
  • Streamlined Course Management: Introducing the ‘Master Teacher’ functionality simplifies course administration, allowing for effective management of educational content and student progress.


The development journey of Digital Influx’s LMS platform showcases Seahawk’s adeptness in creating tailored WordPress solutions that cater to the specific needs of the EdTech sector. By fostering an environment of continuous feedback and adaptation, the project successfully translated Digital Influx’s vision into a digital reality, setting a new standard in educational website development.

Future Outlook

As Digital Influx continues to expand its reach and influence in the design education domain, the scalable and flexible nature of the developed LMS platform ensures it is well-equipped to adapt to future educational trends and technologies, sustaining its mission to bridge the education-to-workforce gap effectively.

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