Image Guidelines For Social Platforms

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It’s a no brainer that visuals and social media marketing go hand in hand. Visual representation plays a key role in efficiently conveying your brand or product on various social networking platforms and making a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers through videos, memes, images, etc. But no matter how hard you work on your graphics, content, or logos, if your image does not fit properly, all the hard work done on your social strategy will go down the drain.

Today we’ll discuss the basic image guidelines that you must follow while using these 3 most prominent social media platforms.


With Facebook, images are displayed differently on your personal timeline than they are displayed in a user’s newsfeed. Moreover, the page layout and designs are always changing on this platform. Try to upload high-quality images and stick to the recommended file format for the best results.

Guidelines for the Profile Picture:

For Cover Photo:

For Shared Image:


Unlike the earlier norms, Instagram has now increased its image options along with its conventional 1:1 ratio. But this has made our job a bit more difficult to decide which dimensions will enhance the aesthetics of your profile to make the maximum impact on the viewers.

Guidelines for the Instagram Image:

For Stories:


For Profile Photo:


When it comes to making excellent industrial connections and hiring great employees, nothing can beat LinkedIn. It is, without a doubt, one of the best places to accentuate your business presence. To represent your brand in the best way, you need to make an attractive profile.

Guidelines for the Profile Picture:

For Cover Photo:

For Post Image:

For Logo Image:

These were some very simple guidelines you can refer to while posting on the above-mentioned social platforms. Over the years, the specifications of image posting on social media have become so complex, that we can go on and on when it comes to this topic.

If you need in-depth advice and information on the same, feel free to contact us. We at Seahawk Media are always happy to help!

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Image Guidelines For Social Platforms

It’s a no brainer that visuals and social media marketing go hand in hand. Visual


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