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Why Does Every WordPress Host Need An Activation Department To Retain Customers?


WordPress is considered an easy-to-use platform for building any kind of website. However, for absolute beginners, even WordPress can be a bit intimidating. 

Beginners in the web development industry try their hands on WordPress to get started, but they face many challenges after buying a domain and hosting. Generally, they are confused about what to do and how to proceed after signing up for the domain and hosting, and eventually, they give up. 

The Problem for Web Hosts

This gives a significant loss to the web hosting companies because now the customers who would’ve stayed for years end up leaving. After all, the user activation process was not easy for them. 

This is why WordPress web host companies need an activation department for customers who can’t get started. 

The Solution

Seahawk comes as a savior for web hosting companies. We provide white-label services that help web hosts offer more solutions to their customers’ problems. Our services make the work easier for both web hosting companies & their customers. 

At Seahawk, we provide professional WordPress services that help users to get started & launch their websites.

Some other things we help the hosted customers with:

Finishing & Site Launch

Web design and development is a big job. The possibility of a user getting stuck in the middle is high, and most end up leaving the task because of its complexities. What this does is, creates a loss for web hosting companies as their customer goes and never comes back. 

We at Seahawk help your users finish and launch their websites as per their requirements.

Building Custom Web Designs

For a beginner who has just purchased the domain & hosting, getting started is a heavy task, let alone creating custom designs. When the users see how complex it is to put dream design into reality, they leave the task or make super easy & cliche designs that don’t even go with their business. Your customer remains unsatisfied with the final product and leaves after a while. 

Why not give them a solution in hand? At Seahawk, we help web host customers build their dream websites that fit the best as per their requirements. 

WordPress Maintenance and Care

After WordPress development is done, customers face specific issues because every platform has pros & cons, and WordPress is also one of them. Some problems that your customers might face are site-speed issues, security issues, hacked sites, etc. 

To maintain a hassle-free customer experience, web hosting companies need a department ready to solve maintenance issues. Seahawk helps precisely with that. We provide services that make it easier for web hosts and their customers to stick around and get a no-fuss experience. 

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The Bottom Line

Getting the customers started & retaining them is one of the biggest goals for any business. Web hosting companies that do not provide in-house solutions to their customers from getting started to finally launching their websites are at a greater risk of customer churn. 

With Seahawk as your partner, we help you grow your customer retention rate by helping with user activation. It leads to an increase in average customer value, lifetime value & reduced churn. 
We proudly partner with the top web hosts to provide in-house Pro Services solutions for their customer base. Contact us now to reduce customer churn!

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