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Why Every WordPress Host Need Customer Retention Service?

Why every WordPress Host need Retention Service

WordPress is the most widely used website builder & content management system in the world.

It was launched in 2003 and since then the graph of growth has only gone upwards. So much so that today more than 40% of the world’s running websites are made with WordPress. 

However, WordPress still remains in the battlezone between its supporters & critics.

As the supports say, WordPress is an open-source, easy to use with tonnes of free themes & plugins for every type of business. 

On the other hand, the critics blame WordPress for security issues & slow speed. 

The Problem

Hosting providers who do not offer solutions to their customers’ problems are at great risk of losing them to their competitors.

That’s where the retention services for WordPress come to the rescue. 

But first, let’s understand the reasons for customer churning of WordPress Host

Security Issues, Hacked Sites

The popularity of WordPress makes it almost impossible to keep hackers away from WordPress websites. The main reason why WordPress websites are hacked is the vulnerability of the themes & plugins.

Remember way back in 2012 when Reuter’s website was hacked? It was because they were using the outdated version of  WordPress.

Some reasons for hacked WordPress websites are:

  • Using easy to crack username & passwords
  • Insecure Web Hosting Using weak or duplicate passwords
  • Using outdated WordPress versions
  • Vulnerable Plugins & Themes
  • Not Securing WordPress Configuration wp-config.php

Second, the critics talk about is

Slow Speed of WordPress websites

With the plethora of options available to the audience, what makes you think that they will wait for your website to load and then buy?

Slow-speed websites are a big NO to any business. It drastically affects the SEO which directly results in the downfall of the company’s revenue and hence, the customer leaves the WordPress website and shifts to others

Reasons for the slow speed of the website

  • Poor web host
  • Page Caching
  • Page Size
  • Using outdated versions
  • Unnecessary JavaScript or long CSS

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Importance of retention service for WordPress Host

Customer churning is perhaps the most heartbreaking thing for any business but it is unavoidable when the issues with Web hosting aren’t resolved. Your customers are bound to withdraw from your services & hop on to your competitor.

The retention department saves huge costs to the business in this issue. 

Customers who would leave from slow or hacked sites end up staying 10+ years if they are helped in accordance with their needs. 

Now you know the Importance of retention service for WordPress Host.

Time to fix the issues

At Seahawk, we don’t want your businesses to suffer this loss. We help web hosting companies reduce churn by helping their customers with tasks like hacked or slow websites.

We bring extended solutions to your customer base, thus Increasing customer lifetime value which in turn drives more revenue
As trusted by over 1,000 startups and top web hosts like GoDaddy! It’s time for you you to have a retention department for WordPress hosting that saves your customers through Pro Services for Web Hosts.

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