WordPress excerpts are essentially summaries of lengthy articles and are frequently used in place of entire posts on the blog index and archives pages to save space.

For instance, if you display the complete text of 10 articles with a word count of 1,000 each, your blog listing pages would have about 10,000 words, which is an overwhelming wall of text for most people.

By omitting the full content of each post in favor of condensed versions, excerpts enable you to streamline this.

What Is a WordPress Excerpt?

Do Excerpts Appear in All Themes?

It is totally up to the theme developer to decide whether or not to display snippets. Although handling excerpts is a feature built into the WordPress program, not all themes make it simple to use and extract all the benefits.

WordPress Excerpts: How Are They Made?

WordPress has two options for how to create excerpts for your posts:

Automatically — WordPress automatically creates excerpts from posts by simply choosing the first 55 words.

Manually – You may alter the wording used for each post’s excerpt with a slight modification.

The benefit of using the manual way is that you are not restricted to simply the text at the start of a post; if you’d like, you may produce a lengthy synopsis.

How to Make the WordPress Editor Accept Manual Excerpts?

Create a new post as usual by selecting Posts Add New to enable manual excerpts in the WordPress Editor.

Next, select Screen Options by clicking the button in the interface’s upper right corner.

Check the box next to Excerpt in the slide-down option that appears.

You should now see a new meta box with the term Excerpt: when you scroll down in the WordPress Editor.

Put the snippet from your handbook in the box.

This area can be used to submit your own manual excerpt. Just the snippet produced by your theme will be affected, not the actual content of your article.

How to Display Excerpts from Your Theme?

As previously mentioned, certain themes allow you the option to display snippets on your blog index pages in the theme options.

Typically, these choices can be found in either:

You can still compel your theme to utilize this method even if it doesn’t have the option to update the theme template files by hand to use excerpts.

Even though the code update is straightforward, this is still a pretty complex technique. If you don’t feel comfortable modifying your theme’s template files directly, visit here to discover how to build something similar to excerpts using the “More” tag without having to change any theme files.

How to Change a Theme’s Code to Make Excerpts Display?

Many themes divide their code into many sections. You could find it challenging to make these adjustments if you don’t have a basic grasp of the WordPress loop.

Ensure you adhere to recommended practices before modifying any theme code by securing your website.

Using a WordPress child theme will prevent your modifications from being overwritten when the theme is updated.

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