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ClassicPress Community Votes to Re-Fork WordPress


According to a recent article, the ClassicPress community, a group of users and developers dedicated to maintaining and improving the ClassicPress version of WordPress, has voted to re-fork the content management system (CMS). The decision was made after a community poll revealed overwhelming support for re-forking WordPress, with over 70% of participants voting in favor of the move.

Re-forking refers to taking the codebase of existing software and creating a new version with different goals and objectives. In this case, the ClassicPress community is looking to develop a version of WordPress that prioritizes stability, security, and backward compatibility. The community believes that these features have been de-prioritized in recent versions of WordPress, which has led to a decline in the overall user experience.

The re-forking process is expected to take several months, and the ClassicPress community will work closely with the WordPress community to ensure a smooth transition. The goal is to create a version of WordPress that is more suitable for small businesses and users who prioritize stability, security, and backward compatibility.

The ClassicPress community has also stated that they will continue working on their current WordPress version based on WordPress 4.9.8 until the new version is released. After that, they will begin the process of migrating users to the latest version of WordPress.

This news has sparked mixed reactions from the WordPress community. Some users have expressed support for the move, stating that they believe it will lead to a more stable and secure version of WordPress. Others have criticized the decision, saying it will only lead to fragmentation and confusion within the community.

Overall, it remains to be seen how this re-forking process will play out and its impact on the WordPress community. Some users may find the new WordPress version more suitable for their needs, while others may prefer to stick with the current version of WordPress.

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