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Top 5 Tech World Changes You Didn’t Know About

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Written By: author image Komal Bothra
author image Komal Bothra
Top 5 Tech World Changes You Didn't Know About

For the past years, technology has been transforming our world and daily lives, and there’s no space for doubt if we say technology is evolving at an accelerated rate. Continuously changing technology has made our lives better and easier and has changed the way we communicate, how we transfer money and pay bills, how we perform our daily duties, and it continues to change. 

This article will get to know the top 5 tech world changes.


Blockchain is a dispensed database shared among the links of a computer network. It’s used to store data electronically. Blockchain is well known for maintaining a secured and deconcentrated record of transactions in cryptocurrency. It doesn’t require a third party to generate trust.

Blockchains are readable by the public and are increasingly used by cryptocurrencies; it has made it easier for the participants to verify and inspect transactions economically and independently. As the demand for this technology increases, so does the requirement of skilled and certified professionals.

A peer-to-peer network predominantly manages blockchain. It eliminates many risks that may arise when the data is held centrally. It delivers cost savings with the latest efficiencies and has also solved the problem of double-spending as it confirms each constituent of value was transmitted only once.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the intellectual capacity exhibited by machines. In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence can be understood as the ability of a machine to do tasks commonly done by human beings as they require human intelligence, insight, and judgment.

AI makes it feasible for machines to perform human-like chores and learn from experiences. The data becomes an asset when breakthroughs are self-learning; data helps you get a competitive advantage over your rivals; you just have to draw on AI to get the best out of it.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has various applications; some of them are:

  • Customer Service:

They answer frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) around topics like cross-selling products, product delivery, order tracking, and shipping. A few examples of AI providing customer services are, messaging bots, messaging applications, and virtual assistants ( like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri).

  • Search Recommendation:

By analyzing past data consumption, AI algorithms help locate trends in data that can be used to originate more efficient cross-selling approaches.

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): 

It is the ability to process human speech into a penned or recorded format using natural language processors. It is also called speech-to-text and computer speech recognition.

AI tools help to transform workflows and business systems and significantly improve efficiency and automation.

5G and Internet of Things (IoT):

5G promises to process a large volume of data with minimum delays, higher bandwidth, and ultra-reliable communication required for the descendants of IoT devices to operate digital transformation of public safety and business processes.

Billions of physical devices are connected to the internet to collect and distribute data without requiring interaction between humans and machines. Sensing and identification are fundamental components of the Internet of Things, and it is entirely different from traditional human-to-human communication.


Authenticating or recognizing an individual’s identity using biometric data ( like fingerprints, palm prints, DNA, etc.) and mathematical algorithms.

Passwords are easy to crack; it takes one minute for a hacker to have full authority over someone’s professional or personal data. Still, it’s impossible to imitate someone’s iris, DNA, and other similar characteristics. Therefore, it can be concluded that biometrics assure the security of confidential and sensitive data. 


Robotics include the inception, design, manufacture, and functioning of robots. The main aim of robotics is to design intelligent machines to benefit humans. Robots can also be furnished with senses like touch, vision, and the capability to sense temperature. 

These days, robotics has been applied in various fields to ease human life, for example, cooking bots, vacuum cleaners, etc. Robots have eliminated dangerous jobs as they can work in hazardous environments and handle loads and toxic substances. The feeling of job security is declining among the employees because of robotics at the workplace.

The Bottom Line

Technology has advanced to the point that following up with the latest trends is becoming increasingly challenging. The technologies we’ve discussed thus far are only a few of the trends that will shape the future of business and online connections.

Because there are so many competitors, it’s difficult to predict who will be the next big thing. The bottom line is that you should conduct some research to determine which of these technologies will be most beneficial to your company.

Early adoption of the correct technology will provide you with a competitive advantage, so consider boosting your business processes with innovative service providers as soon as possible.

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