7 Simple Ways To Find SEO-Friendly Blog Topics

5 simple ways to find SEO friendly blog topics 01

Every content producer knows that finding seo-friendly blog topics is not such a simple task.

At the beginning of a project, numerous issues arise to address in the content strategy. But, with time and the production of these texts, creative block occurs, and ideas end. What to do? How to keep an active blog and deliver topics relevant to the audience and simultaneously seo-friendly for search engine optimization?

Follow our tips & apply the following techniques to never run out of ideas for your blog or your company again!

See what your audience says.

Anyone working with content marketing knows that blog posts should target brand personas. In other words, the content to be worked on must contain themes that are of interest to this audience, seeking to help them somehow.

Therefore, an excellent strategy to capture ideas for blog content is to analyze what these people have to say about your brand. Therefore, analyze the comments on social networks, direct messages, frequently asked questions, and the website itself. All those channels where the audience says something about the product or service can serve as insights; this can be a perfect opportunity to create more prosperous and more insightful content about what you have to offer.

Analyze the results of the blog itself

Another way to find blog content ideas is to review your own website. Google Analytics provides essential information, such as the number of hits on blog pages.

With this tool, you can see which posts are the most accessed and which most caught your persona’s attention. Thus, it is possible to have new ideas and create other agendas with themes related to the subject.

Thus, the chances of generating more traffic to your blog are much greater!

Keep an eye on trends.

Current affairs and news always generate interest. And when the topic is relevant to your persona, you should take advantage of the timing and produce content about it.

To find out what is being discussed, it is worth checking news portals, websites aimed at your niche, and themes related to seasonality.

Another great source of insight is Google Trends, a tool that shows you the current most popular seo-friendly topics on Google. In addition, you can even enter a keyword targeted to your niche to see related issues and trends at any given time.

Search the competition

There are many blogs on the most diverse topics on the internet. And it’s okay to see what your competitors are producing and whether it’s working.

For this type of research, critically review what is being published and don’t get stuck with just one reference. You can delve deeper into the topic that was covered and bring content that is even denser than that produced by your competitor.

This topic is worth remembering: it is possible to be inspired by the competition without copying the content, which characterizes the crime of plagiarism.

Search for international content

Foreign websites and blogs also serve as great sources of inspiration and reference.

Many novelties usually arrive outside! And being one of the first blogs to talk about a particular subject in the country can be a unique opportunity to have a text in the top positions of Google. Have you thought? Make your content globally searched!

Track digital influencers

We are in an era where digital influencers dominate the creation of content on the internet. Bloggers and influencers impact many people from various niches, and you shouldn’t ignore this trend.

Find out who is talking about the same segment as yours and get insights into your content.

Frequent groups and forums

Social media groups are another exciting source to generate blog content ideas.

Generally, they are made up of people interested in a specific and targeted topic, making them relevant to those who produce content.

For example, in Facebook groups, you can raise themes about a particular subject, ask for suggestions, and analyze what each comment can bring to the blog. If your business focuses on B2B, the bet is on LinkedIn, where people are interested in doing business and expanding their network of contacts.

Wrap Up

It’s always a challenge to keep a blog relevant and with themes that captivate a persona. However, as we saw above, there are several ways to get inspired and find SEO-friendly content ideas. Suppose you need a blog and know that content marketing is the right tool to conquer your market; count on Seahawk! Our team is all ready to help you leverage your business through rich and quality SEO-friendly content!

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