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E-commerce websites often include various categories, files, and facets that may be accessed using the faceted navigation seen in the sidebars of these websites. People can personalize their search experience on the website by the information that they are seeking.

The production listing may narrow down by using indexed categories known as facets. Which also serves as an extension of the site’s primary categories.

Facets should offer a distinct value for each selection in their ideal form. As they are indexed, each one on a website should send relevancy signals to search engines by ensuring that all essential attributes are within the text of the page they are on. Thus, facets should provide a distinct value for each selection in their best form.

Faceted navigation in Google

Customers have many options, so faceted navigation is the top choice. Additionally, it is the option that eCommerce teams will find to be the most valuable.

Building page after page, making the user go through click after a click on a torturous trip with no end. It is illogical and counterproductive and should avoid at all costs.

And here is where we get to an oddity in the realm of SEO, one of the very few circumstances in which providing a positive user experience might conflict with providing excellent SEO. The user experience and faceted navigation are two of Google’s most vital selling points. But, the potential problems that may arise due to faceted navigation are serious enough for Google to provide a comprehensive warning about them.

Faceted navigation SEO problems

For faceted navigation systems to function correctly, a new URL is generated for each filtered search. They will either dynamically build the URL, producing something like the one we used as an example, or they will utilize a static method. 

Or, they may attach parameters that detail how the category URL functions (more on later). That implies that even if you’re not constructing new landing pages for every conceivable combination of characteristics, your faceted navigation is still producing them as they occur.

If you don’t keep an eye on it, the faceted search might cause your website to clutter with the same material. Also, it can steal crawl budgets and link equity from high-priority sites. Understanding this will be much simpler for you if you consider “crawl” more of a resource than an action.

Faceted navigation without internal links

To achieve the optimal faceted navigation configuration described in the previous section, you must create a page for each sub-category.

You won’t be able to utilize the faceted navigation to build these pages for you since it doesn’t generate internal links, so you’ll have to do this step yourself.

Most eCommerce platforms include support for creating sub-categories. Still, you would also want more functionality to base the products in the sub-categories upon a filtered version of the products in the parent category. It is to avoid stocking each sub-category with products. 

In this approach, you may avoid the hassles associated with SEO while reaping the advantages of creating pages, as is the case with faceted navigation.

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