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Doorway pages are a type of web page that Google considers to be a spammy way to get traffic from search engines. This is because they have little or no information and only contain keywords.

The term “doorway” page is a bit of jargon that refers to any page on your website that you have created for search engines only. It helps to boost your site’s ranking in search results and not for human users, as most people assume.

In most cases, a doorway page has little or no information to give to visitors. It simply has keywords. The main reason for creating these pages is to rank high in SERPs by targeting specific phrases (usually long-tail keywords).

How do you create a doorway page? 

Well, it’s pretty easy! Just put your keywords at the top of the page and ensure you put them in your title tag. That way, Google knows what kind of content this is about when someone searches for them on search engine toolbar.

Due to their nature, these pages are often created as standalone subsidiary sites. However, they may also be built within a domain that already exists and contain many variations of the same content.

Issues with doorway pages

Google has said that doorway pages are against its guidelines and that it would penalize any site that used them. This means that the traffic from search engines to those sites will significantly drop if they violate Google’s policy.

The issue with doorway pages is that they divert visitors away from your main website and onto other websites owned by the same company or organization as yours, but without giving the user an option to leave their current page or go somewhere else entirely (like Facebook). This can result in a significant loss of traffic for your business because instead of reaching potential customers directly through search engines, you’re now forced to get them indirectly through social media networks where people tend not to want their personal information shared publicly. Even if it means having zero results returned when typing in terms like “paintball game rental near me” into Google!

However, some professionals think that doorway pages are still suitable for some cases. In addition, there is an increasing trend toward building doorway sites out of dynamic pages using server-side programming languages such as PHP, ASP, or Perl.

These pages are often straightforward in design, with only one page per domain name (i.e., http://www-example-com/index.php). They often contain links to other related pages (s) on your site or within the same site’s directory structure, such as “product categories.” Many developers also use these web pages to display content from external databases without writing code!

Does doorway pages worth it for the long term?

Doorway pages are not suitable for SEO. You should avoid using doorway pages, as they are against Google’s guidelines, and Google may penalize your site if you do so.

Using doorway pages on your site can hurt your SEO because search engine crawlers will consider them spam and thus give less weight to that page when ranking results from search engines like Google or Bing.

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