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Model Shape

Model Shape

Model Shape is a revolutionary fitness coaching program that delivers industry standard measurements safely and quickly, spearheaded by triple certified nutritionist and celebrated personal trainer Jake Davis and Laura Wasilenkoff (global director and owner of League Models). With app technology, they provide each model a personalized training program customized to their needs which is carefully monitored.


Seahawk media worked to reinforce the client’s brand and communicate their services with the help of an aesthetically creative and technically user-friendly website.

Despite having experience as well as a running business model, they needed a website that truly represented their services correctly and creatively to their specific target audience.

  • We built a sophisticated custom layout that aptly portrayed their services.
  • We integrated an interactive Typeform that will help increase their customer engagement.
  • Through our design processes and creative initiatives, we made sure they have the perfect platform to further grow their business.


  • With a website that speaks in their brand language, we have successfully established their presence online.
  • Our interactive creative efforts helped in better customer engagement.

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