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Healthkon is a leading provider for the latest cutting edge solutions for medical care providers and hospitals and has been recognized among the top 50 Healthcare organizations by the International Forum for Advancement in Healthcare (IFAH) for its exceptional contribution in the field of medical and wellness care. They aim to provide convenient and equitable telemedicine services to the most remote and secluded regions of the country. In the time of COVID-19, Healthkon is working tirelessly to bring medical care to home-bound patients to fulfill their goal of providing affordable and accessible healthcare among everyone.



With such a noble vision and an outstanding list of offerings, Healthkon was struggling to cultivate an enhanced and effective web presence that could promote their specialized remote monitoring devices and their phenomenal Android delivery teleconsultation platform. An intuitive website was required to present their philosophy and create brand awareness in the healthcare industry. Moreover, their customer segments also required to be specifically highlighted on the brand website.


The Web and SEO teams at Seahawk worked closely with the client to discuss different strategies. After extensive brainstorming, we came up with a plan to create an eye-catching website that could reflect their ideology in the perfect manner along with their innovative and differentiated range of products and services. Our SEO team worked on bringing the site at the forefront of the search engine rankings with a powerful strategy.


The results surely surpassed our expectations! With the combined efforts of our Web and SEO teams, we developed a pixel-perfect and experience-oriented website that perfectly showcased the brand’s unique range of products and services. Their values and philosophy were displayed flawlessly and we were successful in promoting the brand across different search engines. The website helped our client to get better responses from the customers and gain an edge over the competitors.

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