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Seahawk COO Gautam Khorana Meets With Partner Typeform in Barcelona

I flew into Barcelona, Spain from New Delhi, India to meet with Typeform! This was such an incredible experience. The day started off with breakfast and coffee of course. Their in-house coffee bar was out of this world. As an avid coffee drinker, I just couldn’t help myself ordering those Espressos every hour.

After breakfast I went to an interesting meeting with Joaquim Lecha, the CEO and co-founder of Typeform. We at Seahawk are Partners and evangelists of Typeform so it was great to discuss ideas and learn more about the vision for this fantastic technology.

After the meeting, I went for some very authentic tapas in Barcelona with Kevin Raheja and Ana Carolina Macia who run the Partner program at Typeform. I must say the tapas were delicious.

typeform seahawk media agency meet specialist
Kevin Raheja (Left), Ana Carolina Macia (Center), Gautam Khorana (Right)

When I got back from tapas with the Typeform Partner team I went to an event organized by the Typeform team (co-hosted by Intercom). They covered many interesting topics. One that stood out to me was their view on ads and I am in a lot of agreement with the same. Alex Antolino, the Creative Director and Typeform had some very interesting takes and everyone loved his style for presenting.

Alex Antolino (Pictured above)
Paul Campillo (Middle), Director of Brand Strategy at Typeform

The day concluded and I ended up with a lot of Typefrom swag. My takeaway from this event is that Typeform has an incredible company culture. The people in Barcelona are so creative, energetic, and amazing. The actual Typeform technology is fantastic and we are proud to be Partners and evangelize this to our customers.


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