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10 Common Myths on White-Label Agency

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Written By: author image Ahana Datta
author image Ahana Datta
Busting 10 Common Myths on White-Label Agency

Are you drowning in client work and feeling overwhelmed with diverse WordPress development projects? White-label services might be your lifesaver, but there’s a catch. Myths on white-label agency abound are leaving many hesitant to dive in.

Let’s clear the air. 

White-label WordPress work isn’t a unicorn, but it’s not a monster either. It’s a tool. A potentially powerful one for busy agencies. The upfront perks are undeniable.

With white-label WordPress services, you will have the flexibility to expand your team —

  • No hiring headaches: Forget about long interviews, onboarding, or training. White-label teams are ready to cover a diverse group of niche WordPress maintenance and site-building tasks.
  • Skilled pros at your fingertips: Need a WordPress expert with variety of coding prowesses? With white-label services, they’re just a message away.

Going past myths about white-label agency and partnering with one actually means – more money for less stress. By partnering with our focused white-label teams from Seahawk, you can expect to – 

  • Take on more projects: Say “yes” to clients without fear of overload and start scaling unprecedentedly. 
  • Focus on what you do best: Client relationships? Strategy? Do that. Let your white-label partners handle the technical aspects.

Plus, think flexibility. Busy season? Scale up. Quiet month? Scale down. 

No long-term commitments or overheads are involved in white-label work. Remember, it’s not about replacing your team, but supercharging it. Don’t let myths on white-label agency come in the way of beating the competition!

Myth 1: Quality Control Is a Concern

Do you think white-label WordPress work means shoddy quality? Think again. Many white-label agencies are WordPress pros with strict quality assurance in place.

Observations about quality in white-label services:

  • Multiple review stages catch errors early
  • Specialized teams focus on quality assurance
  • You can actually set and adjust quality standards

👉 Pro Tip: Ask potential white-label partners about their QA process. Look for multi-stage reviews and dedicated QA teams.

Need an Extra Push for Completing the Enormous Workload from Your Clients?

We hear you! Get our white-label WordPress services to multiply your team’s work output for clients, without taking your name off the credits!

Myth 2: White-Label Erases Your Brand Identity

Worried about losing your agency’s unique flair? Don’t be. Good white-label partners blend in, not stand out.

White-Label Erases Your Brand Identity

White-label for branding ensures that –

  • Work aligns with your brand’s style and tone
  • There is seamless integration with your existing projects
  • Your brand remains in focus throughout the customer journey

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Myth 3: White-Label Services Aren’t for Small Agencies

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to white-label WordPress services. They’re a growth driver for agencies big and small.

White-Label Services Aren't for Small Agencies

As far as business size is concerned, white-labelling does the following –

  • Offer more services without growing your team
  • Level the playing field with larger competitors
  • Adjust service levels as your needs change

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Myth 4: White-Label Services Come at a High Cost

Thinking white-label is too pricey? Let’s crunch some numbers. It’s often cheaper than hiring in-house.

White-Label Services Come at a High Cost

White-label ensures the following:

  • Cut out costs for office space and equipment
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Often more budget-friendly than full-time hires

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Myth 5: Finding a Reliable White-Label Partner Is Tricky

Feeling overwhelmed by partner options? Here’s how to spot a good one:

  • Track record in WordPress and your field matters
  • Past client feedback tells a story. You can check reviews from our best clients on Clutch.
  • Small test projects reveal true capabilities

👉Pro Tip: Always request a portfolio of WordPress projects similar to your needs before partnering up.

Myth 6: White-Label Services Restrict Creativity

White-label need not necessarily means cookie-cutter WordPress sites. It can actually catapult  your creative output by way of collaboration and with more time to divide up the work in neat slots, for creativity to flow. 

White-Label Services Restrict Creativity

White-label WordPress lets you achieve the following:

  • New perspectives and ideas from developers and creative thinkers who have had cross-industry experience with website building
  • Free up time for creative planning
  • Room to customize and innovate still exists, as clients of white-label services can ask for multiple rounds of thorough revisions and edits

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Myth 7: White-Label Services Lack Industry Expertise

Worried about working with WordPress newbies? Many white-label agencies are industry veterans.

White-Label Services Lack Industry Expertise

With you select the right WordPress outsourcing team, you are going to have:

  • Access to diverse WordPress specialists
  • Partners stay current with industry trends
  • Deep knowledge in various WordPress niches

👉 Pro Tip: Look for white-label partners who offer ongoing WordPress training and updates to ensure you’re always getting cutting-edge solutions.

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Myth 8: White-Label Services Are Not Accountable

Think you’ll be left in the dark? Good white-label partners keep you in the loop.

White-Label Services Are Not Accountable_myth on white-label agency

Try getting these into place to ensure every loop in communication is closed:

  • Clear agreements set expectations upfront
  • Regular updates keep you informed
  • Open channels encourage feedback

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Myth 9: White-Label Services Lack Flexibility

Need to pivot quickly? White-label services can adapt to your needs.

White-Label Services Lack Flexibility

Here are some things to remember in this case:

  • Services can grow or shrink with your needs
  • Work processes adapt to your style
  • Easy to add or remove specific services

👉 Pro Tip: Start small. Test white-label services with a single-client project before scaling up. 

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Myth 10: Customization Options Are Limited in White-Label Services

Customization Options Are Limited in White-Label Services_myths on white-label agency

Want a one-of-a-kind WordPress solution? White-label services can deliver.

Key observations for customized white-label services:

  • Services molded to fit unique client needs
  • Customization spans design to functionality
  • Collaboration leads to creative solutions

👉 Pro Tip #5: Create a detailed ‘style guide’ for your white-label partner. Include brand colors, preferred plugins, and coding standards to ensure consistency across all projects.

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Looking Into the Biggest Myth on White-Label Agency: Hidden Costs 

Let’s talk about those rumored sneaky fees in white-label WordPress services. It’s time to clear the air. Good white-label partners are upfront about costs. No surprises, no hidden charges. Just clear, honest pricing for quality WordPress work.

Hidden costs - biggest myths on white-label agency

What affects the price tag? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • WordPress Development: $500 – $5000+ Depends on project complexity and custom features
  • Custom WordPress Design: $1000 – $10,000 Based on design intricacy and number of pages
  • Managed SEO for WordPress: $300 – $2000/month Varies with competition and target keywords
  • WordPress Speed Optimization: $200 – $1000 Changes with site size and current performance
  • WordPress Maintenance and Support: $50 – $500/month Depending on site size and level of support needed

Read More: The Financial Upside of Outsourcing WordPress Services

Parting Thoughts: The Seahawk Advantage

At Seahwk, we offer quality white-label WordPress work at competitive prices, following a transparent billing policy charged according to a pre-disclosed hourly rate. But this is not just a one-and-done deal.

We partner with agencies for the long haul, getting to know your clients’ projects inside and out. This approach leads to faster turnarounds, consistent quality, and tailored solutions for each client’s needs with historical knowledge of their projects.

Imagine having a partner who remembers that tricky plugin integration from last year. Or knows exactly how your client likes their WooCommerce setup. This is the Seahawk advantage.

Reliable, affordable WordPress support without hidden cost worries – that’s what white-label services can offer. It might just be the perfect way to help your agency grow!

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