How To Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority?

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As we all know, Google today takes more than 200 factors into account when determining the pecking order of a SERP. You may not be able to act on all of these levers, but do not neglect optimizing one of the most important ranking factors: domain authority, which corresponds to your website’s reputation.

The search engine uses your domain authority to ensure that you can provide quality content on a specific topic. You will have good domain authority if you do it right, and Google will boost your content rankings.

In this post, you’ll understand what this metric is and why it’s so important, as well as its constituent factors and best practices for optimizing your site’s reputation. Check out!

What is domain authority?

The domain authority – or domain authority (DA) – is a metric that Moz established to predict the potential of a given area to achieve a good ranking in Google and other search engines. This score ranges from 0 to 100 and can be easily checked with the Link Explorer tool.

By comparing your site’s DA with that of your competitors, you can see if you have a good chance of getting a higher position than them in search engine results or not.


The Domain Authority scale is between 0 and 100. But knowing your score is not enough; you need to use the data wisely because it is much easier to improve your score from 15 to 35 than to go from 65 to 85.

What factors make up this metric?

The calculation of the domain authority number follows a complex algorithm, which is not disclosed. However, there are some influencing factors that we know, such as:

Links pointing to the site

If other sites link to your site, it’s a strong indication that you have exciting content valuable to your visitors. The more external, inbound links, the better your domain authority will be, except that we will see below.

Quality of links

Having inbound links is great, but they must come from reputable sites. If they come from too many pages with poor content or web spamming, your DA will undoubtedly suffer.

Site reputation

Linking to many pages unrelated to your field, repeating excessive keywords, and posting only shallow content are examples of a site with a low reputation. Avoid these practices, so you don’t end up with quiet domain authority.

What are the best practices for increasing domain authority?

Sites containing many high-quality external links (Wikipedia, Google, etc.) have full domain authority. Likewise, areas with fewer inbound links show a lower DA. If your website is entirely new, your score will start from 1. If you increase the number of external and inbound links, you have a chance to improve it quickly.

Now that you know more about domain authority let’s look at best practices for increasing it. Follow up!

Invest in content marketing

The more a brand produces comprehensive and informative materials as part of a content marketing strategy, the more likely it is to attract the attention of influential people in its field — and even significant portals. Thus, you create a favorable environment to get quality external links and improve your DA.

Pay attention to SEO

Remember that creating quality content isn’t enough — it’s about getting people to find it. Therefore, pay attention to optimizing your website, especially on-page SEO, to create even more favorable conditions for a good place in the search rankings.

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Proper use of keywords, friendly URLs, and correct formatting of content are some of these measures.

Link internally

Applying links to your content is one way to keep your audience engaged. This is great because it brings the organization’s customers and potential customers together, contributes to increasing the relevance of the pages, and, consequently, influences the domain’s authority.

Quality backlinks to direct users to your site.

Buying and selling links or signing up in low-quality directories will only reduce your SEO and domain authority. So be sure to create good-quality links.

Here are other effective link building strategies:

Internal links

Links to your content

The guest blogging

Contacts with influencers to test your products or services

Another factor to consider when building links is the difference between do-follow links and no-follow links. The do-follow is taken into account by the search engines when determining the rankings. Nofollow is not. When you work with another site to create backlinks employing items of blogs guests or working with influencers, make sure they use the type of do-follow links to your site.

Create engaging content to encourage natural link building

The best way to have a powerful backlink is to build natural links. This happens when other sites link to yours without any effort on your part. You need to create high-quality content that people want to link to. To do this, you might consider creating explicit content such as blog posts on topics relevant to your primary audience. Also, don’t forget to include images in your posts, optimize them by compressing them, and add ” alt ” text to ensure that ‘they will not slow down your site and will be accessible to everyone.

A call to action (CTA) engaging may also attract visitors to your content. It will encourage them to do more on your site, like posting comments, shopping, or subscribing to your mailing list.

Encourage sharing

Another critical factor is to allow users to share your branded content easily. Add good calls-to-action in posts and share buttons on social media prominently on the site and leverage reach more people.

Wrap Up

We realized that domain authority is an important metric to assess a company’s effectiveness in getting good rankings in search engines. So, try to practice the recommendations we saw here and see how the increase in DA of the site will have a strong relationship with your brand’s performance in searches.

Want to improve your website’s domain authority? Let us do it for you! Our dedicated & enthusiast Seahawk Media team can help you boost your reputation as an authority within your industry by employing these above-mentioned best practices.

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