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How To Choose Right Keyword For Your SEO?

How To Choose Right Keyword For Your SEO?

Your content is so informative, then why are you not getting good traffic? The answer is keywords. Every topic has some keywords, which are the most relevant and popular words for that particular traffic. And, every well-optimized search engines show search results based on those keywords. If your content has the most popular keywords in a well-organized manner, your content will automatically come upwards in the search results.

Got determined to get the best keywords? But, that is not an easy job. In such a huge ocean of content over the internet, it is barely possible to get good keywords if you do not follow a proper step-by-step approach to the keyword search mission.

That’s where the experts at Seahawk Media are keen to help you. We are providing you some important points to find the best keywords for your content.

1.      Detailed Keyword Research:

Every word related to your content is not a keyword. Some very popular words navigate a searcher to your content. Those are keywords. They have also different ranks in the terms of popularity and recognition.

So, you need to conduct detailed researches to get the best keywords for your content.

2.      Analyzing The Search Intent:

The intention of every searcher is different for their searches. Similarly, keywords can be categorized differently in some common types of search intent.

·         Navigational: When you search a word in a search engine, to get your way to another page, then that word can be called a navigational keyword. For example, you type Twitter in google to get navigated to the login page of Twitter.

·         Informational: Any word, searched to find information about something, can be called an informational keyword. For example, if you search “who invented the law of gravitation?”, then you are trying to get information about that topic.

·         Transactional / Commercial: The keywords, which represent the searcher’s intention to make a transaction, are called transactional or commercial keywords. For example, if you search “buy a canon DSLR”, then you are likely to buy an expensive camera.

The idea about the intent of the search behind the keyword, helps you plan your flow of content properly.

3.      Plan Your Potential Buyer’s Journey:

There are some intermediate steps between the initial search and the final purchase of any buyer. Potential buyers first search the items according to their need or because of any problem they are facing because of the lack of it. Then they will reach their final destination following your path only if you have arranged the proper keyword-based content flow. The steps of their journey are– 

·         Awareness: Mostly the potential buyers first realize that they have a problem but they do not have a name for the problem at that stage. Then your content should provide them the keyword or the name of their problem. Then that keyword will guide them towards the next step.

·         Consideration: In this step, the searchers have the name for their problems and they are searching the possible solutions. So, you need to optimize your content relevant to the solutions containing the keywords, which are being searched about.

·         Decision: Now the searchers are going to make purchases to solve their problems. Your product should now be driven to them and the relevant keywords will carry those products. So, you have to plan your keywords accordingly.

With proper planning for keywords for all these stages, you will be able to push your content upwards in the search results and promote your products nicely.

4.      Analyze The Level Of Competition:

Competition for popular keywords is at a huge level in the ocean of content over the internet. It’s an important and clever decision to analyze the competition for the keywords while conducting keyword research. The best way to analyze the competition is to put your keyword in any popular search engine and notice the structure of the search results. The search results appear according to some priority determining factors.

The websites appearing with either the “Ad” tag or the “Sponsored” tag are the paid-for-ads result and any search engine will show them first. Then the pages that are normally appearing at the top spots, are the websites with better content. Then you have to analyze their content. If you find yourself capable to beat those contents, then plan the keyword and the content accordingly.

5.      Decide The Correct Content Format For Your Keyword:

Even if you have written great content, if your content doesn’t have proper supporting images, graphs, charts, etc., your content will never get a good rank in search results. So, when planning for your content, you must plan for the most suitable supporting elements for it.

These are some great methods to find out the most suitable keywords for your content. But, mostly these methods need years of expertise to be used with ease. At Seahawk Media, we provide the best services with the best plans. To avail our services, contact us now. Also, visit our other blogs to know about more web products.

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