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Content Score

Content Score

An old proverb states that to improve something, you must first measure it. However, just because something is measurable does not automatically imply that it can be improved.

There is an abundance of available options for rating content. Some simple, some not so. However, just because something is difficult to understand does not mean it is necessarily beneficial.

In this post, we examine what exactly “content score” is, the various methods for determining the quality of content, and how content marketing can benefit from well-designed scoring systems.

Advantages of Utilizing a Content Scorecard

It is difficult to determine what is working, what is not, and what will work if there is no system to keep score. Identifying the circumstance that led to these cases is challenging, if not impossible.

In its ideal form, content scoring inspires producing content of a high standard of excellence. The problem with your content marketing strategy will not be solved by producing as much content as possible. Everyone dislikes harmful content. The content required to rank high in organic search results is the content of high quality that answers the searcher’s intent.

Content scoring provides a standard to measure against and an objective target to strive for. You rely solely on your instincts when making decisions without any other considerations. This strategy does not scale well at all.

What Constitutes an Optimal Strategy for Evaluating the Quality of Content

Content scoring can effectively estimate the likelihood of a positive outcome if done correctly. However, this is not always the case, which is unfortunate. The scoring process typically ranks and tracks rather than predicts the results.

Imagine that a portion of a content score consisted of the percentage of site visitors who downloaded a particular asset. In this specific scenario, the score improves in direct proportion to the number of downloads.

The Importance of Content Scoring and how Acrolinx Provides It

The importance of content cannot be overstated when discussing the connection between a company and its clientele. On the other hand, terrible content does far more harm than it does good.

People who read content that deviates from the strategy, is not on brand, is of poor quality, and is inconsistent may experience confusion and anger. Something that no company would want.

But fortunately, there is a method to evaluate the quality of the content before it is published. The software is known as Acrolinx content scoring.

Acrolinx is a platform powered by AI that assists businesses in aligning their content with their strategy to achieve their objectives. The Acrolinx Score is critical in ensuring everything is aligned correctly. It is a number that represents the degree to which a particular piece (or body) of the content complies with the strategy & guidelines of an organization.

Acrolinx will record your company’s tone, style, and terminology requirements. After that, it provides content creators with in-line feedback, which may include an Acrolinx Score, as they work on developing content. Acrolinx then provides deeper insights into your content and how it will perform through analytics such as content comparisons, trend analyses, and quality and improvement metrics.

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