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Case Study: Healthcare Career College


Read our case study on how we helped our client, Healthcare Career College, in their SEO journey of bringing organic traffic and increased visibility within a few months of work. 

Let’s get into the details below. 

Earlier known as Infotech Career College, healthcare career college excels in providing a swift and seamless career pathway to employment with its variety of healthcare programs catered to meet different needs. 

With their mission to transform the lives of students passionate about healthcare and helping others, they help them with excellent training programs. With this, they aim to prepare them for a successful career in the healthcare industry. 

How They Approached Seahawk?

Healthcare Career College approached Seahawk intending to increase their organic leads for their significant programmes like LVN(Vocational Nurse) and phlebotomy in Los Angeles and the US. In conclusion, there was a need to improve rankings on these keywords and increase organic visibility for the important HCC programmes. 

Our Objective 

The primary objective of the HCC campaign was to ensure enhanced SEO rankings with on-page optimization, creating backlinks and content and position tracking and ranking for difficult keywords

It was imperative for the client to boost their organic rankings and traffic so that these programmes could reach their target audience. 

Our Solutions 

With HCC SEO challenges and our objective to achieve this aim, our SEO team designed a set of solutions to resonate with the client’s SEO needs. 

  • We began with our on-page SEO optimization strategy by refurbishing important landing pages through backlinks to increase the page’s overall authority. 
  • We continued strengthening their backlink profiles by creating high-authority links for high-DA sites. 
  • We also worked on optimizing high-traffic relevant keywords to increase their organic traffic over the course of six months.
  • We also deployed a set of blogs and PR monthly with the target keywords and relevant internal linking on the website. 

Results Achieved 

With a carefully implemented SEO strategy and SEO campaign designed, our SEO team was able to achieve the desired results for the client, as shown below: 

  • With the on-page SEO optimization, refurbishing, and backlinking strategy, we managed to achieve a position on page 1 for various LVN program keywords.
Achieved top positions for significant keywords
  • Similarly, with our content and keyword optimization strategy, we helped the client rank for other program keywords in the top 10 
  • Creating high authority links from high DA sites resulted in a continuous increase in their links profile.
Results showing an increase in strong link profile
  • Finally, we were able to accomplish the goal of increasing and boosting their organic traffic over the period of six months. 
Results showing a boost in client’s organic traffic


While SEO can be tricky to understand, one can achieve significant results with the right objectives, strategy, and goals. Boosting your online presence and reaching higher in the search engine rankings requires persistent efforts and carefully accessed SEO strategies. 

Our team of SEO experts understand the importance of SEO for a website and thus implements Managed SEO solutions tailored to your specific requirements. 

With our strategic approach for Healthcare Career College, our team accomplished improved rankings, boosted organic traffic and enhanced visibility for the significant HCC programmes. Given the results we achieved with the HCC project, we are confident in providing a comprehensive range of SEO solutions tailored to your unique business needs.


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