Wild Organics

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Wild Organics is a well-known name for quality CBD products in the market. It was founded by Marie Finger who is a Certified Nutrigenomic and Epigenetic Specialist. Who aims to help people live a healthier and happier life by educating them about CBD and its benefits along with providing an outstanding and wide range of CBD products. They produce the highest quality and pure hemp oil products while being completely transparent and honest with their customers. The organization believes that it is extremely important to educate the customers with the right information about CBD. Their hard-working team works directly with the farms to provide 100% genuine products and support the farmers.



Wild Organics provides an extensive and quality range of CBD products. Despite being a reputable name in the CBD market, it struggled to create brand awareness and needed an enhanced online presence. An intuitive website was required to showcase their product range and help in customer engagement online. Moreover, the website should be able to manage a large volume of online orders.


After a thorough discussion with the client, we curated a detailed Web and SEO strategy to build an e-commerce website that could reflect their amazing brand. Our aim was to present its wide product range and elevate the brand among search engines. The website was built on WordPress and we customized a subscription functionality so that their customers could receive their monthly orders automatically.


The results were exceptional. We developed a stellar and intuitive website that enhanced the awareness of the brand and increased order volume that ultimately contributed to the growth of their business. The SEO technicalities helped it to rank up in all search engines. The website is extremely user friendly, functions smoothly, and displays the product range properly.

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